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Best coffee shops in Los Angeles

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If you find yourself in Los Angeles looking for a great cup of coffee and an amazing cafe experience, you are in luck. There are several neighborhoods in the LA area and so many of them have delicious coffee. You have a ton to choose from. Here is a list of a few of the best.

1. Mega Bodega. This great coffee shop is near LA Live, located at 1001 S Broadway, LA. There is a vast amount of seating, and many groups riding their bicycles through the city opt to use this coffee shop as their meetup spot.

2. Elabrew Coffee. The best way to describe this coffee shop is simply to say: "Yum!" It is located in the heart of Downtown LA, specifically at 127 E 6th St. There's only a small seating area, so it's great for a grab and go.

3. Batavia by Barista Society. Once again in downtown LA, this coffee shop is very close to the modern art museum, MOCA. Located at US Bank Tower, 633 W 5th St. on the second floor. The coffee is quite good. and if you look around the corner from the counter, you'll find several booths hidden away from the masses. As the seating area is a bit hidden, it tends to be empty making this coffee shop a great place to have a conversation or get some work done in peace.

4. Endorffeine. This gem is tucked away in a strip mall in the Chinatown area. The chicken restaurant in the complex gets all the attention, as a line can be found growing outside from sun up to sun down. This makes Endorffeine a hidden gem of sorts. There is just a bar top with a few seats, so it's not the best place to hang all afternoon, but the espresso is heavenly. It is located at 727 N Broadway, Ste 127, a few doors down from the chicken place with a two-hour wait.

5. Deus Ex Machina. If you have a dog and you like to take that dog out for your daily coffee fix, this is the spot for you. It's lcoated in Venice Beach at 1001 Venice Blvd, so it's located in the heart of LA action. The seating is vast, with part indoor, part outdoor, and the other part is an attached clothint store.

6. Recreational Coffee. If you find yourself in Long Beach near Ocean and Pine, this spot on 237 Long Beach Blvd is your place for coffee. There's funky art with a funky logo on display, and sometimes homeless people enter and steal the tip jar. While you're sitting there sipping on your espresso, you may be able to watch the barista make a run for it, chasing someone down the street to recover those tips. It's a show, an adveture, and a smooth espresso all in one spot.

Los Angeles is a vast city with lots of amazing espresso and coffee options to choose from. You can't go wrong picking one of the six on this list. Not only are they amazing if you happen to be in the neighborhood, but they're each so great they'd be worth going across town and braving that terrible traffic just to get a caffeine fix.

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