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Five great wineries in Paso Robles, California

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If you’re taking a wine tasting trip out to Paso Robles, you really can’t go wrong. There are more than 250 vineyards to choose from and each has a gorgeous setting and a unique take on their wine. The question is: how many wineries can you handle in one day?

When you're looking at a map of the Paso Robles area, seven or eight wineries may seem very manageable. However, you'll likely be happier visiting three -- maybe four. Those tiny sips add up! Too many wine tastings will likely get to your head. You power wine tasters out there who elect to spit out your wine can maintain your sobriety long enough to maximize the number of tastings in a day. But for the average person who thinks wine is meant to be swallowed, I'd recommend stopping before the headache.

Here are five beautiful choices for wineries, each adding a unique dimension to your trip. If you’re feeling ambitious, you may try them all in one day! But don't feel bad if you opt to simply linger around each one for a couple hours, enjoying the scenery.

(1) Adelaida. This winery is picturesque and gorgeous. The wine is heavenly, and it’s one of the few I opted to enroll in a subscription service.

((2) Halter Ranch. When I stopped here a couple years ago, I was blown away by the setting. It’s the original house from the movie Arachnophobia. They were new to wine making, so they didn’t quite have it down, but there’s little doubt they’ll catch up to their competitors in the region. (They may have done so already. I haven’t been since 2016!)

(3) JADA. This winery is my overall favorite in terms of their wines, ambiance, and quality. They're an all-around winner! JADA offers organic wines and have several cheese plates available that pair nicely with their selection. However, they keep their wine vats a little too close to the building, so at certain times of the year, the fruit fly population is a bit high!

(4) Shale Oak. This is another gorgeous and friendly winery in the Paso area, and their big focus is on sustainability. The flavors are excellent and the staff is friendly. It’s picturesque and perfect.

(5) Ecluse. While most Paso wineries have a great setting and you’ll want to spend hours enjoying the scenery, Ecluse is an exception. The reason to come here is for the wine. They’re one of the oldest in the area, and they’re the best I’ve ever found in this region.

The Oaks Hotel is a great place to rest your head. They have a free map of the wineries in the area and you can plot your route. Another popular option is to order a driver from Lush Limo. They can drive you around to wineries in a limo or in your own vehicle. This way you are free to indulge in as many wine tastings as you can handle, without needing to worry about navigating those winding roads.

While Napa Valley is internationally known and has enjoyed being the backdrop of multiple Hollywood movie scenes, Paso Robles may be the cooler, more attractive, rebellious sister hiding form the stardom. Located in San Luis Obispo County, California, Paso offers a very laidback and affordable wine country experience. They have 33,000 vineyard acres full of delicious wine grapes, and it’s climate is perfect for a nice Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon. Cheers!

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