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Carnival games, circus acts, and a few drinks in Las Vegas

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If you’ve got some time to kill in the late afternoon, why not try the Midway at Circus Circus? It's not just for the kids! Adults can have tons of fun too. There are tons of carnival-style games like the horse racing game, camel racing game, basektball game, rings to a tick-tack-toe game, etc. etc. The games are $2 a pop, and you may have tons of fun to beating six year-olds (and their dads!) winning those coveted carnival stuffed animals.

There are always very entertaining circus acts at the Midway as well. They feature everything from a woman juggling living room furniture with her feet to amazing teams building walls with their bodies. The shows are free to view, but seats are first come first serve. Some families camp out all day long, securing their seat to the free entertainment. [Note: the Midway at Circus Cirucs is the game area that has the iconic merry-go-round from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It’s different than the rides area.]

Across the street you’ll find one of the most classic and interesting bars in all of Las Vegas: The Peppermill Lounge. The restaurant part is just a sleepy diner, but the back bar area is amazing and well worth a visit. It’s got pink neon, fake foliage, a fire pit, and classic MTV music videos running in the background. There's green foliage and lots of hot pink furniture. Part of the movie Casino was filmed in front of the fire pit, and it's so very much a Vegas icon.

If you’re a fan of unique, adorable bars, there's another that's just a short Uber ride away: The Artisan. It’s dark and looks like a home library met a college art gallery and spattered itself all over the ceilings and walls. It’s like no other bar in the city, and is so un-Vegas that it could only be found in Vegas.

There's always a ton to do in Las Vegas, but the city is centered around nightlife, so sometimes the afternoons require a little bit of planning. A visit to the carnival games and circus acts at Circus Circus is a great way to spend your day!

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Las Vegas, NV

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