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Vegan tacos in Las Vegas, Nevada

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There's good news for the vegan tacos lovers visiting Las Vegas! There are two solid choices for vegan tacos. Both Tacotarian and Pancho’s Vegas Tacos have a couple locations to choose from. The restaurants are distinctly different, and depending on what you’re looking for, you’re likely to be happy with either one. If there are meat eaters in your group, they’re unlikely to be disappointed as well.

Tacotarian is the fancier of the two options with a smaller, more targeted menu. They predominantly feature tacos, and each of their tacos are made with four or more ingredients, giving a very “foodie friendly” vibe to their menu. The al pastor vegan taco, for example, is made with seitan on a corn tortilla featuring avocado crema, pineapple, pico, and salsa morita. Even the description feels decadent! When Kamala Harris passed through Las Vegas in March 2021, a quick stop at Tacotarian was on her itinerary. There are locations downtown and on the west side of the city.

Panchos Vegas Tacos used to be exclusively a Mexican eatery, but within the past year they’ve expanded their menu to include additional options like hotdogs, burgers, and pizza. They’re not entirely a taco shop, and seem to be more focused on shifting to vegan food that can be stored in the freezer and deep fried to order. Sticking to the tacos is a healthier, more original option. The carnitas taco (made from jackfruit) is definitely a menu highlight. It’s served classic taco style with onions and cilantro on top and a lime on the side to squeeze over the mock meat. Pancho’s Vegan Tacos has four locations in town (one temporarily closed due to Covid), with the closest to the Strip being a space on the east side of the city that used to house Liberachi’s museum.

There are more and more vegan restaurants opening in Las Vegas. And even the restaurants that aren’t exclusively vegan tend to offer true vegan options. Enjoy your tour of the eating options in Las Vegas, and if you enjoy vegan tacos, the city has you covered!

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Las Vegas, NV

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