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Walking tour of downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

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If you're visiting Las Vegas, a stroll downtown on Fremont Street is a show all on it’s own! Unlike the massive resorts on the Vegas Strip, the casinos downtown are all compact and on top of one another. You can walk into seven of them in under five minutes. This area of the city is definitely worth a visit

The first thing you'll see on Fremont Street is the canopy overhead. There’s a laser light show every hour from 6pm-1am, and there’s a people circus walking around outside at all times. There’s also a zip line if you’re feeling adventurous, and there are three stages with various musical acts performing all times of the day and night.

While you can certainly just show up and walk around, finding tons of entertainment, you can also attack the trip with a slight purpose. In this article, I'll lay out a short tour for you, highlighting some "must see" areas of downtown Las Vegas.

I recomend that you start at Binion’s. One of the impressive attractions at Binion's is the pile of $100 bills that in total add up to $1,000,000. When you pose in front of it, they can take a snapshot on your cell phone, or they can give you a hard copy. This is the perfect cheesy souvenir photo. It takes about 30 minutes to get the picture back, so if you do that first, you'll bea able to swing back to the Binion's Player's Club on your way out, and pick up your photo. (Note: this money is not on display as of the time of this writing, due to Covid-19 restrictions, but when it comes back, it's definitely worth a visit!)

Next, you'll see the Golden Nugget right across the pedestrian walkway. It's arguably the classiest hotel in downtown Las Vegas, and you'lol definitely want to check out the pool. It’s got sharks swimming around the water slide and just looks awesome. (They ask to see your hotel room key when you enter the area, but where there is casino gaming — ie, a poolside blackjack table — state law dictates that it has to be open to the public. So if you say you're just going to play, they'll let you out there..)

If you’re into antiques or odd collections, Main Street Station has them scattered throughout the casino. The hotel reception desk has a map, and the highlight of the collection is a piece of the Berlin Wall that was converted into a urinal.

If you are in the mood to play some serious and low priced craps, defintely head to the The California. This is the home of the golden arm, and there are records kept of the longest dice rolls. If you don't know how to play craps, don't worry -- it's very simple. The dealers can walk you through some simple bets! Las Vegas makes gambling so easy that the drunkest person can do it no problem! At The California you're likely to have a bit of fun, and you'll hopefully leave with more money than we came with.

Lastly, there’s Container Park, which is a stack of old shipping containers that was converted into a two-story shopping complex. It’s on the east side of Fremont and it’s charming, provided it’s not too hot. Inside Container Park and along the way, there are a few cute restaurants and bars. On your walk to Container Park, you'll pass all of the trendy bars on East Fremont. It's definitely an up and coming spot in fabulous downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

Have a great time downtown! There are always tons of people to watch and interact with. Fremont Street is one of the colorful must-see parts of Las Vegas!

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