A Solar Tonneau Cover is the Perfect Accessory for the Ford F-150 Lightning

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Image via Worksport Ltd./Terravis Energy

A few weeks back, The Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) announced that it would up the production of its electric Ford F-150 after the company saw so much demand for the electric version of its cornerstone pickup truck. In fact, the company went so far as to expand production from just 40,000 units to promising consumers that more than 150,000 would be delivered per year.

What is even more impressive is that the company was able to veer dealerships who had plans to extort this demand from even thinking about marking up prices by letting it be known that it “wasn’t having that” when it came to raising the price for pre-orders or delivery at the time of arrival.

Image via Ford

Sporting everything from extra trunk space and the ability to act as a temporary generator during times of total blackout, Ford has literally thought of everything in the design of this new model. And still, what happens during a natural disaster and at times when there’s no immediate electric grid to plug into? What happens when the battery has not fully been charged, but you’ve spent a whole weekend camping in the wilderness?

Enter Worksport Ltd. (NASDAQ: WKSP)(NASDAQ: WKSPW) and its wholly-owned subsidiary Terravis Energy, who can provide assurance to drivers who may fear being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Who is Worksport Ltd., and what the heck is a solar-powered tonneau cover?

Image via Worksport Ltd./Terravis Energy

I’m sure you’re asking yourself this question. And, don’t worry – you’re not alone. In fact, the first time I heard it, I was just as lost as you were. To this day, I have a hard time even pronouncing it. And, that’s totally okay – because all you need to know and understand is its function.

Have you ever seen a black leather cover on the back of a pickup truck? Usually, these snap underneath once you lay the bed down. You can fold them up in panels, only uncovering what's necessary as you continue to protect your goods and supplies from theft and weather damage. Well, this is a tonneau cover – pronounced “ton-oh,” or “ton-nul,” if you add a slight accent to the word. And, ironically, a good number of tonneaus you have seen were made by Worksport Ltd. and whitelisted by another manufacturer.

Image via Worksport Ltd./Terravis Energy

For more than ten years, Worksport has been the leading designer and producer of tonneau covers and other automotive products, created explicitly for pickup trucks – whether for work or for sport – hence a recent name change to Worksport and a new direction in which the company would begin to grow.

In the last few years, Worksport has been working on the research and development of solar panels and hydrogen fuel cell production. The company has developed an entire lineup of off-grid products for the electrification of various applications, including remote worksites, emergency response operations and even the electrification of homes and campgrounds.

Non-parasitic, these solar and hydrogen-powered solutions are not only easy to maintain, but they’re 100% emissions-free, carbon-neutral and emit absolutely zero greenhouse gasses. They do not need to be plugged into any existing power source – and, although there is the option to if necessary – the company encourages its users to stay far away from traditional electrification, leading them far away from electric poles and power lines.

The Terravis SOLIS is just one of these products and the perfect representation of other products the company expects to release later this spring. It’s also the perfect pair to what could be Ford’s “match made in heaven” – a solar-powered tonneau cover that can really drive home the miles, so to speak.

Image via Worksport Ltd./Terravis Energy

Each SOLIS product has been custom-designed to fit upcoming models of the most popular consumer brands. Using proprietary technologies, each solar panel packs a punch, providing high-powered electrification and charging battery attachments at a much faster rate than other solar panels on the market.

An entire truck can be charged in three to four hours, making those long trips a little less risky in areas where it’s hard to find power. Once Worksport releases its upcoming NPEV units, an entire truck can be charged in less than an hour!

Extra Miles Without Stopping

Image via Worksport Ltd./Terravis Energy

The SOLIS comes in extra handy for those who deliver goods and services or for those who drive from site to site in a greater capacity. They’re able to charge while the driver is in motion and while they go about their day-to-day activities.

These solar-powered tonneau covers also fit on the back of the pickup truck and can plug directly into the battery source in an emergency situation, providing an extra 15 miles of road time without needing to stop. In the meantime, it can also charge the standalone COR battery for advanced hot-swappable connectivity once the driver decides to pull over and connect the fully-charged battery itself.

The Terravis SOLIS by Worksport isn’t necessary for the COR. COR batteries can plug into the existing power grid if necessary. But having the SOLIS cover means a faster, clean and more natural charge – which is why even gas-powered F-150s may want to consider having a SOLIS, as well.

Extra Power on the Job Site

Image via Worksport Ltd./Terravis Energy

As discussed earlier, the SOLIS and COR battery go hand-in-hand to create the ultimate microgrid for owners of the Ford F-150 Lightning (and anyone else for that matter). In addition, Worksport’s line of Terravis sustainable energy products allows people to literally work anywhere they can gain access to – electric grid or not.

Heavy power tools can draw up to 9 hours of energy through this portable energy storage system. On-site heaters and a mini-fridge can last for several days, depending on energy consumption.

Not only does this give one an idea as to how much-uninterrupted power can come from a product like the Terravis COR, but it’s also something to look forward to in light of remote job sites and independent power applications – especially in places where an existing grid does not exist or where outdated wiring could lead to significant issues, including fire, electrocution and blackout.

Extra Backup Battery Power, Period.

Image via Worksport Ltd./Terravis Energy

In essence, the entire SOLIS + COR battery Microgrid is the “Swiss Army Knife” of sustainability itself. People don’t really know they need them until they actually need them. And then, once they have one, they’ll begin questioning how they ever got along without one.

Not just for work, the SOLIS + COR Microgrid also compliments the behavior and interests of F-150 drivers. They like to go camping. They like to go hunting. They enjoy a good tailgate. They love music. And, they love throwing events.

Image via Worksport Ltd./Terravis Energy

A fully-charged COR battery will provide campers with a reliable energy source. In addition, the SOLIS can be connected directly to avoid “lights out” – even in foggy conditions. The panels, themselves, are extremely powerful and can detect the sun whether it’s daylight savings, there’s partial shade, or they’re out in the full sun.

As a mobile power generation station, energy is readily available. Moreover, as true-mobility products, the SOLIS is a must for Lightning owners.

Easily Charge Your Truck No Matter Where You’re At

Image via Worksport Ltd./Terravis Energy

The SOLIS is 100% grid-free and, therefore, carbon neutral. That means there’s no need to have an existing power grid and that it can totally live up to your lifestyle.

No electricity, no problem. The system generates its own power while eliminating the fear of being broken with no gas (or electric) and allowing you to once again drive through obscure routes, cross-country – an ongoing concern for those that love to travel and who are forced to map out long-distance travel based on the location of EV charge stations.

Image via Worksport Ltd./Terravis Energy

People that go camping or fishing won’t have to cut their trips short. Their trucks will charge while they are parked – which is even more beneficial for those who love to explore and go offroading in the middle of nowhere. It is also a Godsend to people who rent or own a home that makes it impossible to install an EV charger.

Great for Emergency Situations like Powering Essential Medical Equipment

Image via Worksport Ltd./Terravis Energy

Perhaps the best and most important feature about the SOLIS and COR Microgrid is the fact that it’s 100% grid-free, mobile and completely standalone.

How many times have you heard an EV driver talk about being stranded at home right after a storm, unable to charge their vehicle thanks to a power outage and having no backup car to get them where they need to go? Not only does the SOLIS allow the truck to stay charged, but it gives families peace of mind that if there were ever to be an emergency, they could leave or get to a hospital in the blink of an eye.

They say to be prepared for the worst. Because you may never know when chaos will strike, and being prepared can keep your family safe from a number of precarious situations.

The COR battery can be removed from the truck and power at-home breathing apparatuses for those who depend on constant oxygen for support. In the worst-case scenario, an EMS would be able to provide medical treatment on-site.

Should there ever be a natural disaster, the fridge can stay powered on. The family can have lights. Moreover, in the case of freezing temperatures, heat will be available for an extended period of time.

Image via Worksport Ltd./Terravis Energy

The SOLIS + COR system, whether purchased together or secured individually, will hit the market later this spring – around the same time, Ford’s F-150 Lightning officially hits the streets. So whether you want to power your lifestyle or to be prepared in the case of an emergency, this tonneau cover is the perfect accessory and essential no matter the roadway, no matter the path.

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