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What Was That Wednesday Night? And, What Happens If All Of A Sudden We Lost Our Grid?

Jessica N. Abraham

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Oh, my! What was that Wednesday night? At between 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., everything in my house went black for about 2 seconds before returning to normal. My TVs, my lights in the kitchen, the baby’s room, and even my indoor tropical garden, which I keep lit with about 30 or more energy-efficient grow lights, so my plants don’t die in the winter.

I was on the phone with some out-of-town relatives and thought nothing of it when literally all the lights went out. This was something I was used to. I didn’t even think to ask my daughter if she saw what I saw — until much later.

I’ve only lived in Warren for about 4 years now. I relocated from Florida — Orlando to be exact — where we residents call Central Florida “Florida Flash and Flicker” due to the volatility of power lines, especially in areas of high demand and population.

But, Wednesday night was different. It felt different. And, when I logged into the Warren’s Real Breaking News! group on Meta (NASDAQ: FB) — Facebook’s new name, if you haven’t gotten the memo — I saw many people who seemed to have experienced the same exact thing!

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I then asked my daughter if she saw the lights flicker — she told me she thought she was seeing things so didn’t say anything.

So, What Was It?

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From Akron to Pittsburgh, there were reports that the electricity flickered. One woman reported that she was on the phone with her sister on the other side of Pittsburgh when both women experienced the same thing. Some thought it could be from an accident in the area, but that wouldn’t cause the electricity to go black in places like Sharon and Youngstown.

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SpaceX was set to launch, but that didn’t happen until after 9 p.m. Some joked of meteors and solar flares, conspiracies — and even electric chargers (I mean, this is the unofficial “official” EV capital of the world, now).

Since late Wednesday night, I’ve been trying to get answers. But, unfortunately, my investigation has gone cold.

And since that moment, I began thinking…

What Would Happen If We Lost That Entire Area Dependent On The Power Grid?

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Hey, it could happen! What if all 140 miles of the electric grid just failed? I mean, it’s happened in New York, it’s happened in New Jersey. Last winter, it happened in Texas. It happened this summer in Louisiana.

Whether you realize it or not, there are lives that depend on access to power. People on ventilators, people who need dialysis, people who need an IV because they’ve become too dehydrated. We need to keep our food safe, we need to stay warm — and while generators are great, so many have done harm.

With the cost of fuel on the rise, how long could you survive simply using a generator, anyways?

When I was in Florida, I remember hearing about fatalities because people were taking their generators into their homes to avoid theft and damage from water and heat. They were dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. So, that’s another thing.

During Hurricane Charlie, our grocery stores wouldn’t even operate using generators. There were aisles upon aisles of damaged and spoiled goods. It was weeks before they were back up and running, and most gas stations were out of gas at the pump.

And, we keep hearing about solar flares. What would we do if we actually experienced one? Do you know that most of our electronics may not work? It’s crazy talking about these things, but there are talks about the serious risks of these things seriously happening.

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From massive earthquakes in places where it was physically impossible to ever experience one, old volcanoes spewing, hundreds of miles of forests burning, mass flooding in desert land, SHOOT pandemics and viruses — I could never make this stuff up — even if I were writing for what so many would call the “fake news.”

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Whether you’re sick, have kids or a family of the elderly — these are things you probably think about on a regular basis. These are things that keep us up at night, aren’t they?

We don’t want to see each other suffer. We want to keep each other safe. And, there may be a solution (don’t worry, I’m not going to try to sell you anything — just put you on to something cool).

I’m All About Green Energy. And, After This — You Just Might Be, Too.

So, check this out.

A few months ago, I came across a really cool company. Many of you probably rock a tonneau cover by Worksport (NASDAQ: WKSP) on the back of your truck right now and don’t even know it. And, I must say, after learning about their upcoming products, I’ve been pretty excited — and borderline obsessed.

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about Tesla’s at-home chargers and solar panels that go into the house, Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG), and the Connected Ford Charging Stations (NYSE: F). But, I bet you’ve probably heard very little about the newly established Terravis Energy or their upcoming product line.

Terravis Energy is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Worksport Ltd., a world leader in automotive tonneaus and other vehicle accessories. Worksport recently launched pre-orders for their solar tonneaus and COR energy storage system, which come out later next spring.

Not only can these power an entire truck, but the COR battery system can power an entire microgrid, including campsites, construction sites, and emergency response equipment. And get this — it’s completely portable and can charge while you drive.

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So, I guess that will be pretty cool, especially for family members who are sick and that need to be connected to power at all times. I need to give them kudos for their upcoming line of hydrogen-powered solutions. Hydrogen power means that in the case of a solar flare — it will still work.

The company has recently started to prepare a rollout of its international, fast-charging NPEV units across North America. NPEV stands for non-parasitic electric vehicle, and it’s a standalone charger that can be installed anywhere without being fastened into the ground like other chargers on the market (meaning there’s no dependence on a 600-watt electric cable, that would put our lives at further risk during a natural disaster).

The best thing about the NPEV is that it totally works off-grid!

Water is literally electrified via solar energy, captured and converted into output energy to power our EVs.

But, how will that help when you need power in your house?

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Well, there’s a rumor that Worksport and Terravis Energy, like Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), are working on their own powerwall NP microgrid — only their powerwall is continuous, hot-swappable and fully expandable as your energy needs grow.

Unlike Tesla, it will not cost a million and a half dollars to install or maintain. And, each cell can be integrated into our dwellings, giving us an upwards of 30 kWh off of just one (out of every five) day’s worth of charge without making our homes look ugly.

What else is really cool about this setup is that it’s supposed to even be able to transform old homes without causing the homeowner too much pain or distress. It kind of makes me wonder if it would be able to power an entire office building. Think about operations, how much money businesses would essentially save (plus, didn’t the mall just have a power outage a few months ago?).

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The one thing that kills me about the Tesla powerwall — well, there’s actually a couple of things — is that:

  1. It costs way too much money to have installed. And, that’s after you’ve made alterations on your house so that it can fit.
  2. You’re stuck paying a subscription fee to use their solar services.
  3. They’re big and bulky — I mean, the futuristic look is cool, but at the same time, is it too much?
  4. It’s one unit, one large battery — and the system has to be sequenced.
  5. Unlike the Terravis Microgrid, it’s not a self-regulating system and it’s not hot-swappable. When the battery dies, electricity will be interrupted. (The Terravis will let you switch out one cell at a time to be charged while the other cells maintain power).

And that’s not even half of it (Sorry, I went off on a tangent. But I’m totally keeping it in here)!

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Anyways, does anyone know what happened? Why did our electricity flicker? How was it possible that it flickered across so much territory in a single moment of time?

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Are the aliens here? Are the Zombies coming? Did CERN reopen those portals? What are you going to do to get that bunker safe for those that you love?

Comment below, and let’s try to have fun! In the meantime, I’m serious! You guys should really check out what Worksport is doing with its Terravis systems. My hope is that this rumor ends up real because I’m tired of paying that electric bill for one!

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DISCLAIMER: This article was based on a real-life event but was narrated in the first person for entertainment purposes. Please take no offense to anything in this article that may come across as insensitive. It was written without malice and with the pure intent of provoking thought and educating our local community on potential tools and solutions that could aid in saving lives.

IN FULL TRANSPARENCY: I own stock in one or more of the above tickers. Please do not allow anything in this article to constitute as business or financial advice. I am not a financial advisor, and I believe everyone should do their own due diligence before buying into or investing in any company, including those addressed above.

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