3 Electric Vehicles Ohio Needs… Like Now!

Jessica N. Abraham

Contrary to popular belief, an electric vehicle doesn't necessarily mean an autonomous car or truck. In fact, it can be an electric bike, motorcycle, bus or even plane.

Ohio’s a state where everyone can enjoy a mean vehicle, whether it’s a truck, four-wheeler or even a Jeep. People like to go camping, off-roading, mudding and zooming up and down our streets.

Warren, Ohio is a place known for its lack of transportation diversity. They're taking our long-awaited bussing system, and we were excited when we got the Bird e-Scooters -- which truly is a very cool thing.

Can you imagine what would happen when we get these? We’d probably all lose our minds. Not only are the vehicles on this list not cars, but they’re fast, electric, affordable and extremely gorgeous.

The problem is, some of them aren't out yet. Or, they're waiting to make their way to our city.

Anticipation is high, but I'm sure one day, it will be well worth the wait!

Arcimoto’s Line Up of “FUVs” and Electric Motorcycles

This Arcimoto FUV (NASDA:FUV) -- Fun Utility Vehicle -- has already hit the streets. And, after last year’s acquisition of Tilting Motors, they’re teaming up with Lighting Motorcycles to develop the “World’s Fastest Electric Three-Wheel Tilting Motorcycle.”

FUVs were created for the personal experience, for quick and efficient deliveries, and for improved response times in an emergency situation.

These vehicles are fast, lightweight and come in a variety of styles. They’re fully electric and designed to take back the urban landscape. This company has a mission of replacing the short trip with an FUV in order to battle emissions. Because of this, there are actually states and cities entering into a pilot partnership to see just how much more clean their cities can be.

In the meantime, they make everyone want to buy one, two or a fleet! They even have flatbed trucks and driverless FUVs!

Luxury UTVs by Battle Approved Motors (BAM)

Image via Battle Approved Motors

An early-stage startup currently featured on StartEngine, this luxury off-road utility vehicle (UTV) won’t be released until 2022. But when it does, watch out! With each model sexier than the next -- You won’t know what to do with yourself.

Image via Battle Approved Motors

Image via Battle Approved Motors

This four-seat, side-by-side (SXS) vehicle is fully electric, fully customizable (although you really won’t want to), made for glamping but ready to be raced! It was built for performance and ready to take on a variety of terrains. And, the dashboard? Yes, it's touchscreen!

Image via Battle Approved Motors

Investing in BAM just might be a good idea!

eVTOL’s Personal Autonomous Helicopters

An electric future fueled by vertical flight, the eVTOL will definitely change the game with its autonomous 4-man, electric helicopter. While many manufacturers already use eVTOLs for everyday use, Joby, who is considered a leader in eVTOL technologies, has already started the process of obtaining an FAA Part 135 air carrier certificate, allowing it to operate its own aerial ridesharing service.

Then, there’s EmbraerX (my personal favorite). Like Joby, these autonomous "flying cars" may not have hit our country yet. But it's said that they will be testing pilot programs in Dallas within the near future. Using an app similar to Uber, air-taxis can be hailed by just about anyone in a matter of minutes. Just looking at an EmbraerX makes you want to jump in.

There are many manufacturers of these eVTOL technologies, but most manufacturers don't see authorization for commercial passenger travels taking place until 2024, while some predict it to happen much sooner.

What the hey?! One more for the road -- or, sky?

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