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Necco® Wafers Return, Ohio Candy Company Brings Back An All-American Favorite

Jessica N. Abraham
The Beloved Necco® Wafers ReturnImage via The Spangler Candy Company, 2021.

First of all, did you know that Dum-Dums®, Saf-T-Pops®, and Bit-O-Honey® candies are from Ohio?

Although they are a privately-owned confectioner and beloved by an international community, The Spangler Candy Company has been a family-owned and operated business since 1906. And as a popular icon of the American Candy Culture, Spangler is the reason Bryan, Ohio has earned its identity as the "Dum-Dum Capitol of the World,” producing more than 12 million Dum-Dums on a daily basis!

The company also produces more than 45% of the candy canes sold in the United States and is the reason that many of our dentists know us by our first names.

The Short History of Spangler in Bryan, Ohio

The Spangler Candy Company was established in 1906, when Arthur G. Spangler purchased the Gold Leaf Baking Company of Defiance, Ohio for $450. It was moved to Bryan, shortly after, and the first candy to “roll out” of the Spangler candy factory was The Spangler Coconut Ball, which ultimately became an instant success.

Since then, The Spangler Candy Company has become an international success, known for its marketing and manufacturing of company, while acquiring our favorites.

The Return of The Necco® Wafer

On Tuesday, April 20, The Spangler Candy Company announced the return of one of its most historic candies -- the Necco® Wafer -- and that it would be available, both online and in retail locations across the United States. The re-introduction comes in response to consumer demand for 40 all-chocolate wafers just waiting to be unwrapped.

Necco Wafers are one of the oldest candy brands in existence and originally came in eight different flavors. But, chocolate would become the fan-favorite.

"Once we brought back the original assorted roll of The Necco® Wafer this past summer, the demand for the Chocolate Roll was almost instantaneous," said Diana Eschhofen, Spangler Candy's Director of Corporate Communications. "We know this has been a long-awaited return, and we're ready to give chocolate candy lovers something they've been missing."

Originally created in 1847, The Necco® Wafers were acquired by the Spangler Candy Company in 2018.

According to a spokesperson for the company:

“The Necco® Wafers have been enjoyed by fans of all ages. They were even carried by soldiers during the Civil War and also sustained explorers on expeditions to the North and South Poles in the early 1900s. During World War II, the U.S. government requisitioned a major portion of Necco® Wafers' production for morale boosting. The candy was perfect for shipping to troops overseas since it doesn't melt and is easy to carry.”

As of today, The Necco® Wafers have been part of America's candy culture and heritage for more than 100 years!

After a two-year hiatus, the candy returns to stores with a recipe that continues to remain essentially unchanged -- aside from an improvement in the cooking process that would allow the wafers to have a deeper, richer cocoa flavor that simply melts in your mouth!

Both in single rolls and 24 count trays, The Necco® Wafer can be found online and will be available at select retailers later this Spring.

Ohio will be one of the first states to receive the re-released candies... and that's something we truly can be proud of!

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