Will Ohio Be The Next Silicon Valley? Tech Companies Take Notice of New Tech Initiatives, TCS to Invest $518M, Hire 800+

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Cincinnati's Seven Hills Park Campus - Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Ohio continues to innovate the workforce, and the World of Technology is taking notice. Through ongoing IT initiatives, the state continues to transform into a flourishing technical hub and newly established stronghold. Companies are rapidly moving into the region with plans for expanding global enterprises, fulfilling voids within existing talent pools, and leaving Silicon Valley out in the cold.

Already operating out of Cincinnati’s Seven Hills Park campus, one company has a couple of ideas of its own. Expanding their statewide footprint, they plan on hiring more than 800 new employees through 2022. They plan to grow their presence by establishing STEM and Computer Science-based programs within our local schools. And, they also plan on helping local businesses grow and transform, as successfully as their own.

You see, for the last 40 years, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been a leading global IT service, consulting, and business solutions organization. It has partnered with more than a third of Fortune 500 companies, helping them to digitally transform and evolve. They’re recognized in the top three for the recruitment of IT services talent, where they have gained a certain amount of notoriety for hiring more than 21,500 US employees in the last five years alone.

The company plans to invest more than $518M into statewide K-12 programs over the next two years. By doing so, they expect to see participation in these programs double with a new generation of technological wizards at their disposal. TCS points out that “the disruption caused by the pandemic has changed the expectations of consumers, who now expect their favorite brands to align with their values and reflect a greater purpose rather than simply offer a product or service.” This means training a future workforce and hiring from within.

"Ohio is an integral location for TCS to recruit and train the best local talent and our dedication to provide STEM and computer science education to local schools demonstrates our commitment to the local community," says Surya Kant, Chairman of North America, TCS. “The pandemic changed the way companies view technology, requiring them to demonstrate their purpose and value to consumers. Our strong relationships with the greater Cincinnati business community ensure that we will continue to deliver innovative transformation solutions to meet evolving customer expectations,"

"TCS' plan to double its commitment in STEM programs will positively impact the lives of young Ohioans and prepare them to enter this growing industry," states Governor Mike DeWine. “This investment in the greater Cincinnati region demonstrates TCS' commitment to training and growing Ohio's workforce,” which will definitely pay off over time.

According to Code.org, “Ohio currently has more than 12,000 open computing jobs, two times the average job demand rate in the state. However, only 42 percent of all public high schools teach foundational computer science courses, and teacher preparation programs in Ohio did not graduate a single new teacher prepared to teach computer science as recently as 2018.”

For a lack of better words, there are fewer working professionals available than there currently are positions across the workforce. We need more teachers to prepare our children for a future, where there are a surplus of jobs and an industry where they will have every opportunity to thrive.

Just one of thirty locations across the US, TCS’s Cincinnati-based campus serves more than 160 customers across the State of Ohio and has hired 1,337 employees locally since 2017. They have hired 244 students from local universities and placed them in lucrative positions in various regions of the US. There are an additional 2,300+ employed by TCS in Southern Ohio and a center, which includes a drone research lab to address the rapidly expanding demand for unmanned aerial vehicles.

TCS recognizes the need for STEM and computer science education in schools across both Ohio and the Nation. In 2009, TCS launched its first nationwide STEM curriculum called goIT for local K-12 schools. This program was founded in Cincinnati with a focus on design-thinking, problem-solving, and future career readiness. Until today, it has engaged more than 30,000 different students across the country with 1,900 students participating in Ohio, alone.

"The kind of STEM education TCS provides is essential for ensuring our students get the skills to fill the jobs of today and tomorrow, and I am proud to support these kinds of efforts to help develop the innovators and the workforce our economy needs to thrive.” discusses Senator Rob Portman, as he thanks TCS for “their commitment to helping our teachers develop a truly 21st-century educational curriculum."

Various centers located within the state also include the TCS Bringing Life to Things™ IoT Lab, which develops new IoT solutions, using connected devices and analytics software, and a TCS Analytics and Insights Lab, which has helped a number of organizations view, understand, and reimagine their own businesses by taking an intelligent data-centric approach to action planning and execution.

TCS' Ignite My Future in School program takes a pioneering, transdisciplinary-based approach to K-12 education, as it was designed to embed computational thinking into the core subjects such as Math, Science, The Arts, and Social Studies. So far, this program has empowered more than 1 million students and nearly 20,000 teachers across the US with 4,500 of those students, based in Ohio.

Through these programs, newly hired employees will develop and deploy technologies that disrupt industries and deliver superior customer experiences, using technologies such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Drone Technologies
  • Security

According to Tata Consultancy Services:

“Since 2018, more than 200 employees from top universities throughout the country have completed a six-week training program there as part of TCS' Initial Learning Program (ILP). TCS' ILP is unique in the industry with training that includes a mixture of business and technical courses with a focus on integration into TCS and delivering innovative customer experiences. The ILP training also includes a session on Corporate Social Responsibility, reinforcing the importance of giving back to the community and ways to get involved.”

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