2021 Leak of Department of Justice Notes Busts Trump on 'Soft Coup.'

Jessica Lynn

It turns out Donald Trump tried but failed to order the US Government to help him overturn his losing election. The Department of Justice has evidence to prove it.

Newly released internal notes show Trump ordered the DOJ to "say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen."

The New York Times,

After the departure of Mr. Rosen's predecessor, William P. Barr, became public on Dec. 14, Mr. Trump and his allies harangued Mr. Rosen and his top deputies nearly every day until Jan. 6, when Congress met to certify the Electoral College and was disrupted by Mr. Trump's supporters storming the Capitol, according to emails and other documents obtained by Congress and interviews with former Trump administration officials."

The Justice Department has incriminating notes from a phone call between Trump and DOJ.

One note says,

just say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the r. congressmen."

These notes are damning evidence.

Notes Damning Evidence for Several Reasons.

This is evidence that the American public and Congress didn't have during the impeachment trial, the first or second. These notes are from within the highest levels of the Trump Administration, outing then President Trump for "ordering" the DOJ to lie about an election and overthrown the rightful winner, Joseph R. Biden. The notes are evidence not found in internal evidence written before. It is a level of fraud that had not been found before.

The coup didn't happen, but we have evidence that it was an attempted coup.

It doesn't matter that Trump's plans were thwarted from a criminal perspective. While yes, he has harmed democracy and keeps lying to his base, and those lies have done much damage. But the criminal intent is clear in the recently revealed notes. Trump tried to abuse his public office to fraudulently change the outcome of an election is a crime.

Trump also explicitly mentioned Congressman Rep. Jim Jordan, as well as other Rep. Scott Perry and Sen Ron Johnson as republicans he saw, would be in on the soft coup. People who would use whatever sway or power they had in Congress, Trump thought, to overthrow the rightful winner, Joe Biden.

Trump told the DOJ that people "out there' were upset about the "inaction of some," and he said quote "you guys may not be following the internet the way I do."

Taken from contemporaneous notes.

The Founders didn't Build a System Where a Coup Can Easily Happen.

Thankfully as a matter of democracy, a coup isn't easy to pull off in the United States thanks to the constitution set up by the Founders.

Trump dragging in the DOJ or trying to make the DOJ an accomplice to his dictatorship can't easily happen because the DOJ doesn't have that kind of power, thanks to the Founders. The Founders didn't build a system where a few people in power can flick a switch in the White House and overturn an election.

David corn said on MSNBC,

Trump's attempted coup is worse than Watergate. Nixon tried to stop an investigation, which is mild compared to what Trump tried to do in office. This is far worse. It is about overturning and subversing an election. These notes are bigger than the smoking gun tape that ended Nixon's Presidency."

Let us know what you think in the comments about Trump's attempted coup?

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