My Japanese neighbor needed Asian records, and we went to Ginza.

I got a new Asian neighbor. She's been trying to mingle with people all around and I promised to make it easy for her. She moved in from Seattle last month.

A few days ago, she asked me to help locate a music shop where she could get Asian records especially Japanese music. But I was sure she wouldn't get the latest Japanese records at the shop I know. Some shops offer the latest Asian records in Los Angeles, I just don't know them. She didn't care if the records would be the latest or not as she claimed she would also appreciate old Japanese songs.

We went to Ginza-USA Gifts & Music. She came with her mini tape and that was funny to me. I believed that she wanted to make sure she likes the songs before buying them.

I don't speak Japanese but I could tell she liked the songs we bought, she even sang along with some of the artists she listened to. The songs were cool with melodious beats.

If you need Asian records here in Los Angeles, try out Ginza-USA.

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