Joy became an expert in surfing, doing better than the current surfers.

I knew when Joy started her surfing lessons, and I'm right here wondering how good she has been since she started. She's currently better than the professional surfers that come to Venice Beach every week.

Last week, surfers were already on their surfing board doing their activities at Venice. Joy was among them and they kept showcasing their skills. Joy displayed one amazing skill I never expected from her. Everyone applauded her, and other surfers started trying out the same style. Only one of them got it right, two of them slipped and fell into the water.

After the whole activity, I asked Joy if she learned all these at Fun Surf LA and she claimed she learned how to surf from one of the instructors but she developed some of her skills by herself.

If you love surfing and you think you can't do it, I will advise you to stop doubting and get an instructor.

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