How I control my carbon footprint with the help of Local roots Farm.


I reduced the intake of packaged foods from faraway places to reduce my carbon emission to the community and care for my body. The packaged foods we take are from faraway places and before they could reach where we are, their movement would have emitted substances a lot in the community. • The airplane that flies foods, fruits from other countries emits a great amount of carbon before they finally reach their destinations. • Our left-over’s foods are thrown away into the community; this action contributes greatly to the effects on the community. • We are unaware of what was added to the packaged food we consume, we need to take care of our body system. Local roots Farm consists of a family and workers who plant vegetables and sell to markets and restaurants in the community. I started buying from them when I realized I wanted herbs and locally made foods. You can as well get your locally made food from nearby local restaurants. Move closer to farmers of local root farm and discover how you can care for your body and community by controlling your carbon emission.

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