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Man Falls 200 Ft to His Death at El Cajon Mountain Lakeside in California

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A 22-year-old rock climber was seen falling from 200 ft off a 500 ft tall El Cajon Mountain by nearby climbers. That is almost a 20-story building height, according to reports.

A source who has lived very close to El Cajon mountain for 63 years said the area where the dead body was found is treacherous. They had to pass through creeks, ravines, and dense brush to locate the deceased.

El Cajon mountain, also known as El Captain is a famous location for rock climbers and many have died in the area.

In 2019, a 50-year-old Castiglia hiker went missing at El Cajon mountain on a Saturday afternoon. The following morning his body was found dead at the base of a sheer cliff, according to reports.

Castiglia had disclosed to his fellow hikers that he will be going slower than the rest of the group. A few hours later, he was reported missing by other hikers when he didn’t show up at their trail point.

El Cajon Mountain is a dream for most rock climbers. It features multi-pitch sport climbing on superb granite in a stunning location.

The exposure and view from the top of the cliff is phenomenal with a sunny atmosphere. The trail has very steep and rocky areas and can be challenging for climbers. You can see the Ocean close by and the Coronado Island’s right off of Mexico’s shores.

El Cajon mountain terrain history dates back to the 60s and 70s when four climbers went out there to test their rock climbing skills. Since the 1980’s till date only a few people have climbed El Cajon Mountain.

Although tragedies rarely occur at El Cajon Mountain, however, the recent incidents mark the second death after that of Castiglia in 2019.

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