The World’s First Human Male Doll Spent $1,000,000 to Look Doll Ken

Jessey Anthony

Some people have an addiction to animals, plants, or even poetry. But for Justin Jedlica, his addiction is plastic surgery. The American-born, 42-year-old rose to fame after he underwent many cosmetic procedures.

Justin often referred to as the "Human Ken Doll", has spent around $1,000,000 to transform himself into a human version of Barbie's perfectly-toned boyfriend Ken. He says remodifying himself is an expression of his creativity.

“I’ve always been into plastic surgery, just as an extension of me being creative. To an extent, I treat myself as my own sculpture, my own art work.”

After receiving disheartening cosmetic surgery from Botched doctors, Dr. Nassif and Dubrow in 2015, Justin went through more surgeries to completely transform his look.

Justin, who publicly boasts of having up to 950 procedures says he has no intentions of stopping there. He further disclosed on Botched season 17 that the worst surgery he has done was getting Botox injections in his scrotum.

Justin is very proud of his shoulders. He had them divided into six pieces—front, middle, and back. Just like the actual anatomy. Justin revealed working with a silicone company to produce custom plastic muscles for his quads, abs, shoulders, and lats.

Human Ken doll said he didn't start out trying to look like a Ken doll. But as his surgeries progressed, that became his ideal. Till date, Justin has undergone around 1000 cosmetic procedures which include 3 pieces of shoulder implants, 4 back implants, and 8 leg implants since he found addiction to sculpting his body.

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