The Parrots of TikTok and Their Nightly Meetings

Jessamyn Dodd

Parrots named Cosmo, Qbert, Cairo, and Gizmo meet up every night for what they call a "parrot zoom' on TikTok Livestream. They invite a revolving door of other birds to join them for pure hilarity.

Fans and followers tune in every night to watch an oftentimes chaotic live stream in which four or more parrots chat it up.

During the live broadcasts, the parrots often conversate with each other, as they do recognize the other feathered friends on screen, although they mostly talk to themselves and their owners, cooing, making bird noises, and of course, shouting obscenities.
Parrot ZoomQBert The Grey

The birds hail from Canada to Iowa, and appear in separate "boxes" from their own homes, on one single live stream at the same time.

Cairo in particular is very concerned with making sure the family cat named 'Kitty" is behaving. Cairo is sometimes referred to as sassy and bossy, as he likes to tell others to "zip it up" and "smarten up".

Qbert likes to strut his stuff and occasionally chimes in to say hello to his on-screen buddies. His owner began hosting the streams to meet other "parrot parents" and grow a community of bird lovers online.

Gizmo is another regular, who joins in with his singing. Gizmo is a rescue bird whose journey will tug at your heartstrings.

And then there's Cosmo. Cosmo may be the most vocal and outspoken of the crew. He has strong opinions on "The Tiger King" star Carole Baskin and likes to harass Google.

One thing is for certain, it is loud, it is fun, it is amusing, and it is well worth following these avian creators.

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