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Music Is Extremely Important: This Is How a Skippack Music School Navigated the Pandemic

Jerome Huff

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Many years ago (over 10) a young woman that lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia got a budding idea.

You see, for years growing up, music filled her home. Daily she sat at the piano practicing, building her craft. Eventually, it got to the point that she was able to show others how to make the piano sound as magical as she did.

So at 17 years old, Miss Joy started to teach her first few students.

Like with any art form, years are spent before one can effectively teach others.

Music development is no exception.

Miss Joy started taking lessons when she was 8 years old. She attended the Settlement Music School in Philadelphia. After that, she took music performance and Alexander technique classes at West Chester University.

The Alexender technique can be used in many disciplines besides music. Actors, dancers, and athletes like equestrians use this technique. It helps improve posture and teaches you how to move more efficiently.

Miss Joy to this day still has a piano teacher of her own. There’s always room for improvement.

Over the years Miss Joy has created a curriculum that helps her students thrive.

Her curriculum includes:

  • Music literature- The basics of popular composers across the eras.
  • Music history- How music has progressed throughout time.
  • Fundamentals- The foundational building blocks that create exemplary musicians.
  • Composition- Her students create small melodies which help with comprehension.

She’s also creating her own music composition book.

Miss Joy Firmly Believes That Learning How To Play an Instrument Helps in All Areas of Life

In the age of instant gratification and constant access to technology, we’re all are becoming less disciplined.

In today’s world, many children do not have much discipline. Music lessons help them sit down for 30+ minutes in complete focus. We humans are not good multi-taskers. When children have a daily focus in their lives, it strengthens their hand/eye coordination.

Music lessons also help children with:

  • Improved memory
  • Better self-esteem
  • Self-motivation and confidence
  • Public speaking (during recitals)

Learning how to play music also helps children become more expressive when reading out loud and they’re also more emotional in drama productions.

Students in Miss Joy’s school also have the opportunity to perform in recitals throughout the year. In the past, recitals were held at Carnegie Hall in New York City, The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, and various retirement communities throughout the area.

Unfortunately, this has changed since the pandemic.

Last year Miss Joy compiled a video of all of the student’s recitals and shared them with the parents and members of the community.

Hopefully someday soon recitals will be held live again.

The Music School Has Seen Major Shifts in the Past Year

As with many brick and mortar businesses Miss Joy’s music school had to change radically.

(Photo from music school website)

First, everything fell apart. It was a shock to not be able to teach students in person. Music lessons are typically more intimate in nature so switching to virtual was a huge learning curve.

But over time Miss Joy has made the adjustment successfully.

She now:

  • Offers lessons virtually
  • Has a home studio (masks are worn)
  • Travels to private homes (masks are worn)

Now that the school has seen so many changes, Miss Joy is starting to slowly take things in a different direction.

During an interview I had with her I asked what her vision was for the next 5 years.

She said that she plans to build out an online school.

This school will be:

  • Subscription-based
  • Geared for students pre-k to highschool
  • Equipped with interactive theory sheets of her own method.
  • Enabled for students to be assessed privately once they complete a level.

Miss Joy’s online school will be able to keep up with societal changes and be able to serve the community for decades to come.

Despite all that’s happened Miss Joy’s music school continues to thrive.

Currently, she offers:

  • Piano lessons
  • Guitar/Ukulele lessons
  • College prep lessons for students enrolling in music programs

Miss Joy is doing so well that she has no openings until June 2021. You can visit the music school’s website for more information.

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