These 5 Pieces of Advice Will Help Once Exhaustion Hits on Your Spiritual Path

Jerome Huff

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Then my world crashed down around me.

I sat on my bed sobbing deeply. Waves of emotion overwhelmed my body. The meditation that I was listening to started to unlock deep pain.

This was a stark contrast to the beginning of my awakening when everything was so bright. Back then my depression had lifted, I felt that I could take on the world.

Now in a dark room, while the sun blazed outside, suicide ideation floated around in my head.

1.Everything Is Temporary Whether It Feels Like It or Not

Through startling lows and soaring highs, I’ve learned that all life’s experiences are temporary.

We came here to learn lessons and advance our souls. Every experience that we have is in service to that. Through pain and happiness, we must maintain an understanding of how temporary every experience is.

Perhaps that’s part of the beauty, the allure of life.

Deep experiences help us to learn more about who we truly are. When we stay centered, balanced, we can allow these experiences to wash over us. This helps us ascend to the next level.

Holding on and not surrendering to the flow of life creates despair. We experience more pain. We can’t go forward which makes us exhausted.

Maintain the knowledge that every emotion you have is temporary. Emotion is energy in motion. It’s quite fleeting no matter how permanent it may seem in the moment

Breath through these waves and allow.

2. You Are Where You Need To Be and It’s Perfect

Yes, this statement is quite a cliche but it’s true.

Before you came here a plan was made. You planned to make the most of your time on Earth. You wanted to experience and grow as much as possible.

Sometimes this growth requires long periods of what we view as humans as “bad” experiences.

In actuality, these “bad” experiences allow you to catapult into the life you truly want to live. This is is only possible if you transmute pain into positive energy.

Things may not feel perfect right now.

Perhaps you’re low on money. Or stuck in a job you hate. Many times when you start to awaken you lose old friends and become more alone than ever before.

Use this time to cultivate more love for yourself. You won’t always be so alone. Take advantage of the stage you’re in.

Use this perfect time to design a life that you’ll enjoy living.

3. Exhaustion Is a Sign That You’re Breaking Through Blocks

Not that long ago I was exhausted all the time.

In retrospect, this was a good thing. As time moves on the planetary vibration is going to rise significantly (it’s already happening). Since our bodies and consciousness are moving out of 3rd density and into 4th density and beyond, you might feel unreasonably exhausted.

The best way to deal with these shifts is to focus on healthy living practices.

This includes:

  • Frequent sun exposure
  • Spending more time in nature (barefoot is always better)
  • Eating whole, minimally processed foods
  • Having good sleep patterns
  • Allowing emotions to come up and flow out free of suppression

But despite employing these practices you may still feel exhausted and that’s ok.

Remember that you live in a time like no other before on Earth and perhaps in the Universe. We are collectively going through a massive shift. This will create lots of changes in your internal and external world.

Be very kind and loving to yourself.

4. Become Your Own Guide, Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

In the past, many followed a spiritual teacher or “guru”.

This may not be necessary now. The information you need to lead your best life is already within you. Yes, this may seem esoteric and “out there” but you have the knowledge to make the best decisions for your life. Free will is yours for a reason, combined with intuition you can become an unstoppable force of love.

Many of us question our path (myself included).

We don’t trust that everything is working out to our advantage. These kinds of thought patterns only make us more stuck. It’s a vicious cycle that the mind gets trapped in. Years can be wasted from lack of momentum.

To combat this, get out of your head as much as possible.

Movement is one of the best ways to do this. Your body is made to move frequently and most of us don’t do enough. When you’re moving you allow energy to flow more freely throughout.

Your thoughts become less frantic, more peace of mind is created.

5. Tap Into Your Heart Space

For years I would hear the above statement.

But I didn’t understand what it truly meant. I knew the advice was talking about opening my heart more but how? I felt as though I was a pretty loving person. But clearly, I was missing something.

Then one day I was in a guided meditation and was told to look within my heart.

It was a mantra-based meditation but a few minutes in I couldn’t say the mantra because I was crying so hard. That’s when I realized that my heart was pretty closed. It needed lots of healing.

Your heart will never lie to you.

It will tell you what you need to do and where you need to go. Unfortunately, lots of times we ignore what our heart is saying. We only listen to what our mind is telling us. But our minds are designed to keep us safe.

Once you connect your heart, your mind can start to work in tandem, that’s when you start to live a life of love and freedom.

Use the mind for further inspiration of what your heart is trying to tell you. Sometimes we feel that we should do something but we don’t know exactly what. The mind is great for providing that translation.

One caveat is that what your heart tells you is usually quite scary.

It requires leaps of faith that you may not want to initially take. But as always there are great rewards if you do so. Once you tap into your heart and start living out of love and not fear, you’re able to ascend to higher states of Being. You’ll make better choices in the moment regardless if they seem “rational” or not.

Take a moment today and tune into your heart. Feel the exhaustion lift.

Freedom is available for you right now.

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