4 Reasons Why Meditation Isn't Working for You

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As I finished my meditation practiced for the day I felt even more stressed and depressed than when I started.

I was super confused.

I thought that meditation was supposed to be soothing. I thought that it would help solve most of my problems sooner rather than later.

I learned in order to start feeling the benefits of meditation patience extreme is required.

1. You're expecting too much too soon

If you're are feeling like I did years ago, I understand.

You want to get out of the rut you’re in but when you meditate your thoughts run faster.

As with any new practice, results take time. As cliche as that sounds.

It took me years to get to the point where I could quiet my mind for an extended period of time.

By extended I mean a few minutes.

When I first started meditating I was always worried that I was doing it wrong. Breathing wrong. Thinking wrong.

This is normal.

You're beginning to develop awareness around what you are actually thinking. Some of your thoughts are probably quite shocking.

I was surprised at the names I called myself. How I really felt about myself. My self-love was very sparse.

Meditation allows you to sift through the good, bad, and ugly.

It allows you to discover more of who you truly are. A beautiful wonderful multi-dimensional being.

In the beginning, this probably won't be apparent.

Especially if you struggle with low self-esteem and depression.

Every time you meditate, you take a step in the right direction. Whether you were able to quiet your mind for 1 second or 5 minutes your practice for the day was successful.

The effects of your practice will spill over into other parts of your life. Regardless if you realize it straight away or not.

2. You’re not aware of the many forms meditation can take

Meditation doesn't have to be sageing and oiling yourself up before a session. Meditation takes many forms.

As you walk you can notice the beautiful sky and the happy people around filled with love.

Being present in your life at the moment is a form of mediation. Sitting cross-legged on pillows is not necessary.

Meditation can be being grateful for every bite of food you take. You feel thankful for the energy it's giving you.

Sometimes when I'm feeling stressed I take a few huge breaths from my diaphragm. This helps. 30 seconds of deep breaths allow me to respond rather than react.

If you find yourself not able to sit in meditation for 5 minutes try walking. Allow your awareness to be heightened.

Meditation can benefit everyone. All you have to do is find the practice that works best for you.

3. You're resistant to negative thought

I’m always working on not resisting negative thoughts. If you realize you’re having negative thoughts that means your meditation practice is working.

At times I feel that having negative thoughts will derail any progress that I've made.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

Once you realize you're having negative thoughts (in mediation or not), you have the chance to direct them into a positive light.

When you try and resist negative thoughts this usually makes even more negative thoughts pop up.

You’ll feel more stressed and overwhelmed.

The trick is to acknowledge your negative thoughts.

Look at them with love. Know that they don't in any way define who you are. Saying this is much easier than truly believing.

I still get shocked by my thoughts. But I'm my thoughts nor you are your thoughts.

Meditation helps reprogram that awesome computer we have in our heads.

Negative thoughts you have about yourself have been running in your head for a very long time.

Perhaps since you were young.

Reprogramming takes time. Updates are always needed. Just like your phone. There will always be thoughts that need to be reprogrammed.

Meditation helps speed up this process.

4. You haven't tried group and/or nature meditation

We are pure energy.

When you meditate in a group your experience is heightened. Even if it's with one other person.

A few years ago I remember my first meditation session with a friend. I went deep and silent so fast.

Sitting with others helps you get into that silent deep all-knowing space easier. Plus you’ll be able to talk and process your experience after.

We are all connected.

Meditation with others makes this very apparent. You begin to feel that truth rather than just know.

Nature is another great way to quiet your mind on a deeper level.

You feel the perfection of the Earth and Universe. You're able to connect to the Earth and Sky.

I like NYC but the nature is rather sparse.

A few months ago I managed to get out of the city for a day. I immediately went for a long hike and had a meditation session.

I sat on a log and took off my shoes.

As I grounded, I felt even more connected than a session in my apartment. As my session went on I felt an upward and downward pull. It's hard to explain.

But I became aligned.

Nature allows you to become aligned. You're the central column between Sky and Earth.

It's an amazing experience. Nature is so perfect. You’ll feel that perfection.

Whether your intention for meditation is for depression/anxiety relief or weight loss, it really doesn't matter.

It's working. It's helping you become the person you’re meant to be.

Mediation is working for you. Allow the process to continue.

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