From Darkness to Light, Here’s How Pain Forced Me To Awaken Spiritually

Jerome Huff

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I was free. It was my first day of college.

My parents drove me to the campus which was over three hours away from home. Excitement filled every fiber of my Being. I couldn’t believe I managed to pull off escaping the clutches of my family.

Growing up was difficult.

I was the black sheep. My beliefs were different. I wanted more out of life. College was going to be the perfect opportunity to explore and grow.

But little did I know a world of hurt was in store. Intense life lessons were thrown at me hard and fast. After my first year, I started to fall into depression.

I rarely went to class. Barely getting by was an understatement.

Then after 5 years of trying, I failed out.

Life Was Always Dense and Difficult

Tail between my legs, I found myself back where I started.

Those first few months at my parent’s house were hard but eventually, I managed to move in with my sister which was better. Even so, life was still tough. I got a job working at a good restaurant so money wasn’t the issue. But I felt so sad. Food became my solace and I started to slowly gain weight through my 20’s.

After all my experiences in college, I still felt out of place. Stuck.

Nothing was working out. Everyone around me seemed to be moving on. Getting good jobs, starting families, etc. But there I stood working the same job as a server for over 10 years.

During those times I wasn’t familiar with the words “3rd density” or “ascension.” I was too busy trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

The Fast-Paced Environment I Choose Was a Catalyst for Change

I grew up in a quiet suburban town outside of Philadelphia.

The university I went to was in a small town in Pennsylvania even though it was quite large (Penn State). Over the years as I stood “still” I witnessed some of my college friends move to NYC. Sometimes II would go and visit them.

I’ll never forget the first time I went to the city alone.

The beautiful buildings, the energy were intoxicating. I decided right then and there that’s where I wanted to live. It took me a while to accomplish that goal but I ended up living in NYC for 10 years.

After being in NYC for a few years I began to change.

My food addiction was at its peak. Every night after work I would binge on cheap cheeseburgers and fries with a root beer soda to wash it down. I started to feel sick.

But I didn’t know how to stop.

Finally, it got to the point that my job was being affected. Every day was a monumental effort. The only thing I looked forward to was that late-night meal. So I broke down and got help.

I started to see a holistic doctor.

She helped me remove the veil of toxic food that plagued me. My life began to improve. Weight fell off and I started to blossom. I was so amazed by my transformation that it inspired me to help others. My doctor encouraged me to get certified as a health coach.

It was scary at first but that experience ended up causing me to create an online business.

Deep Spiritual Work Was Needed To Overcome Trauma

As I got more into living a healthy lifestyle, old shadows started to resurface.

By facing these shadows I started to practice:

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Meditation
  • Reading and listing to spiritual books
  • Journalling
  • Mirror work (self-love exercises)
  • Ballet

Doing these practices on a daily basis caused me to live a more disciplined life. It allowed the deep wounds that I acquired as a child, young adult, and probably past lives to begin to heal.

This work continues today. Pain led to my awakening like so many others before me.

I had the choice to stay stuck, comfortable, and asleep. Or break through the illusion that plagues our world. I’m thankful I chose the latter. Yes, at times the journey is difficult.

I have “dark nights of the soul” moments. But these moments allow the soul to heal and rebalance. That’s why we are here on this Earth. To experience the transition from density to brilliant light.

I wouldn’t go back to sleep for anything in this world. As you awaken you’ll discover the same.

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