3 Ways to Create a New World in the Midst of Turmoil

Jerome Huff


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Now more than we’re shifting out of 3D conciseness and into higher states of being. As a collective, we’re tired of spiritual depression. This spiritual depression has affected our emotional, physical, and mental bodies.

This uprising, in my humble opinion, has much to do with the coronavirus pandemic. Worldwide wide people have halted their usual mind-numbing routines.

A 3D routine usually includes:

  • Excessive mainstream media consumption
  • Working a job that doesn’t nourish your soul
  • Poor diet and drug/alcohol abuse
  • Excessive amounts of time spent engaging in activities like excessive porn usage

The halt of this toxic lifestyle has lead to a shift of inner awakening. We’re realizing that we don’t need as much.

We’re also starting to look within for answers to problems. Reliance on the external world for comfort is waning.

While many of us still engage in many habits of lower vibrations (myself included) there’s a noticeable uptick in search of more spiritual knowledge.

This was made possible because the world basically stopped. It’s giving us time to go deep within and figure out how we want to live our lives moving forward.

  1. Focus on grounding in each day with a powerful morning routine

In order to create a world of love, peace, and freedom we must start with cleaning up our internal world.

The best way to do this is to create a morning routine that works for you.

During the night our physical bodies are resting but our soul body doesn’t need to. Instead, we go on journeys in the astral plane. You may remember some of these adventures and lessons through dreams.

When we pop back into our bodies and wake up it’s important to ground the day with a spiritual practice.

In the mornings when this doesn’t happen, we usually find that our day is filled with setbacks, fear, and unpleasant interactions with others.

Your morning routine should include some of the following:

  • Meditation or walking meditations
  • Affirmations and mantras
  • Stretching or yoga
  • Intense physical activity or low impact depending on your needs
  • Prayer
  • Journaling
  • A gratitude and blessing practice
  • Reading spiritual work
  • Engaging in a meditative hobby

A morning routine allows you to ground yourself back into your body. You start the day with positive intention.

If you’re just starting a morning routine it’s best to pick 2-3 practices that most resonate. Your routine doesn’t have to be a long-drawn-out process. As long as you’re able to connect and ground your life experience will improve.

2. Go deep into healing the inner child

We were born into fear. As a baby, we’re completely dependent on our caregivers for everything. We learned how to get the things we want from how our outside world responded.

If we cried we got attention.

This attention-seeking child has never died. Inside of us, our inner child is alive and well, begging for attention.

Most of the time we are unaware of this plight.

We seek comfort in food, sex, and other external pleasures. This type of comfort is temporary. Our inner child needs to be soothed by ourselves. No external influence will do the job.

We need to let our inner child be heard.

If we listen close enough we can hear what our inner child wants. Usually, it wants to have fun or be reassured that everything is going to be ok. If we practice living in the present moment we can effectively soothe our inner child.

When we don’t do this we suffer.

The ego runs free without restriction. We identify completely with old stories our ego tells us. We don’t know how to create peace.

Bit by bit we can release these chains by increasing our awareness.

It can get to the point that as soon as we find ourselves going down a slippery slope of negative thought we can pull ourselves out.

When thoughts of angst crop up tell yourself, “ All is well, I am well.”

Repeat this mantra as many times as it takes for you to calm down. The more we bring ourselves back to the present moment the more peace we’ll experience in life.

At first, this won’t be easy. But as time goes on you’ll become more aware of when you’re creating unnecessary suffering.

3. Daily open heart practice is a great way to raise your vibration

As you start to bring yourself back to the present moment you’ll have more loving energy to give yourself and others around you.

To cultivate this energy, get into the practice of sending love and blessings to people in your life.

These people can be friends, lovers, parents, enemies, or strangers.

Simply take a few moments to go within then:

  • Start with a few deep breaths in order to connect with your heart center.
  • Then sit quietly and allow the first person you want to send love and blessings appear in your mind.
  • Say in your head or out loud a quick prayer of blessings.
  • Then allow the next person to come through.
  • Go through about 7 people per day. It’s best to allow anyone who has caused you (or you have caused) pain and suffering to come through for healing.

The more you do this practice the more love you’ll cultivate in your life. People will seem more kind to you. Your whole Being will radiate with peace.

An open heart practice will help ease all suffering in your life.

You’ll literally create a new internal world for yourself. The external world will reflect your internal shift.

This may seem like magic to you. It is. Your whole life is magical.

Even in the times, we’re living in it’s possible….necessary to create a loving internal world for ourselves.

There’s no reason for you to suffer and be constantly trapped in lower energies.

With a bit of practice and love for yourself, you’ll ascend to high levels of consciousness. You’ll live a life of happiness and peace.

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