I Don’t Regret Eating Meat and Drinking While Awakening. But Here’s What I Do Now

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I didn’t know what was in store for me when I began to awaken. In fact, I wasn’t aware I was experiencing a spiritual awakening until years after.

I’ve struggled with depression since I was a teenager. Through my journey found that mediation helped immensely in relieving my symptoms. Meditation I found was a natural antidepressant.

Alcohol and meat were never on my radar to abstain from. In fact, meat helped me eat a healthier diet. For years along with my depression, I struggled with binge eating disorder (BED).

Once I changed my diet I sought out meat from small farms that were grass-fed and/or had humane slaughter practices. Meat gave me the energy I needed to complete my spin and ballet classes. I also started fasting so I needed foods packed with vitamins and minerals.

I also drank alcohol at the start of my awakening (and still do). I never struggled with addictive drinking habits so I didn’t feel the need to completely give it up.

One thing I did notice is that I basically stopped getting drunk after my first year of meditation and daily fasting.

I never pressured myself.

Getting drunk stopped being fun so it fell out of my life naturally.

Listen to Your Body It’ll Tell You What It Needs

Personally, I’m not against eating meat or drinking alcohol. Both can be done in a sustainable way that won't inhibit your spiritual growth. The worst thing you can do is demonize them.

This will only create resistance in your life.

If you do struggle with alcoholism or get sick from eating meat, of course, it's best to abstain. But if they haven't been a problem thus far there’s no reason to give them up.

Your body will tell you what it needs. As you awaken you’ll become more intuitive. Use this intuition to help you along in your journey.

You’ll start to find a balance with alcohol and meat.

I’ve found balance by:

  • Drinking beer and wine for the most part. Spirits no longer appeal to me. Since I’m currently in Mexico I do have mezcal on occasion.
  • Never getting to the point of drunkenness. I’m in my mid-thirties. Hangovers are brutal. Plus they lower my vibration way too much.
  • Now I eat a pescatarian diet (seafood only) most days of the week. I just don’t want meat every day anymore. Some days I’m vegetarian. One or two days a week I will have meat. I've found since I’m pretty active it helps with energy levels and muscle repair.

I don’t think I could ever be completely vegan.

But probably vegetarian. I do love seafood and it serves me well. Again, I listen to my body. If I desire meat I eat it.

I refuse to deprive my body of the foods it needs.

You’ll Start to Notice That Everything Has Its Season

As you go along in your spiritual journey your taste in foods will change. Sometimes you’ll need more meat sometimes less.

As for alcohol, you’ll most likely drink less as the years go by.

There are many phases in your life. Use these phases as learning experiences to further advance your soul's growth and re-balancing.

When I first started my awakening journey I drank coffee while I did my daily blogging.

The barista at the coffee shop I worked out of made an amazing cold brew. She knew how to treat the beans so all of the wonderful flavors came out.

That coffee packed a powerful punch.

Growing up I never drank coffee so I was pretty sensitive to caffeine. But coffee while writing helped keep me focused. It also helped when I worked as a server at restaurants in NYC.

But earlier this year coffee and caffeinated tea started to affect me. I became anxious and jittery when I drank it. I was also quick to get frustrated. So I stopped. Instead, I made sure that I got a good morning workout in before writing. The rush of endorphins allows me to get the same high as coffee did without the adverse effects.

Now I drink herbal tea and sometimes green tea. Green tea affects me differently than black and the caffeine high is softer.

I’m sure you can relate.

Things you’ve done in the past no longer serve. Changes of season in your life are a great thing. It shows that you’re growing at a rapid rate.

Bottom Line

Meat and alcohol are only bad if we utilize them incorrectly. A knife in the kitchen can kill someone or help you make a delicious gourmet meal.

Listen to your body.

Your intuition is there to guide you along your path. If meat and/or alcohol is not serving you the best thing to do is to abstain.

Perhaps you’ll eat meat in small amounts or have an occasional glass of wine with friends.

You’ll know what’s best for you.

Try not to demonize meat and alcohol. Seek to understand why you gravitate towards practices that don’t serve you any longer.

As you heal you’ll gain clarity that’ll help you for years to come.

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