3 Positive Signs You’re Going Through a Spiritual Awakening

Jerome Huff


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The spiritual awakening journey is not for the faint of heart. To awaken means that you become aware of the veil of illusion that 3rd density consciousness provides. You begin to realize who you really are. You start to question your beliefs as a whole.

While the spiritual awakening process is on-going and sometimes painful, let’s take the time to focus on the positive aspects of awakening.

1. You Have an Increased Attraction to Mother Nature

Most of us as children felt at one with nature. We loved to play in the grass, run through the woods, and bodies of water provided hours of fun.

As we grow into adulthood “life” gets in the way.

We find ourselves buried in our work and other responsibilities. We start to lose that connection with the Earth. Soon we find ourselves deeply unhappy.

We become addicted to electronics and the internet. We rarely spend time alone in nature.

Once you begin to awaken you’ll start to miss nature. Even if you live in a big city nature starts to call you back. You desire the connection that long ago was severed by your own hand.

A while back I began to have an intense longing to spend time in nature. Living in a big city, it was hard to leave for a day and travel. I put my nature trip off for months until finally, I made the time.

Once I was in the woods hiking I found a rock to sit on and meditate for a bit. After my meditation, something told me to hug a nearby tree. As I hugged the tree I started bawling. I felt so ashamed that I abandoned Mother nature. I promised her that I would never do such a thing again.

It’s important that as we go on our spiritual journey that we stay grounded to the Earth. She is there to support us as we ascend to higher levels of consciousness. If we fail to do this we can’t experience life and our awakening process to the fullest.

If you feel called to sit or be in nature, don’t ignore it. It’s one of the best things you can do to heal yourself. Awakening is difficult enough. Make sure you have Mother Earth supporting you.

2. You Start to Lack the Fear of Death

As you awaken you begin to realize that you’re not the body or mind. You’re much more than a human being. The human experience is a temporary one. Birth is a transition into the physical. Death is a transition out of the physical. Much of who you are is non-physical. Your human body could not hold all of your soul. It simply would explode.

As you begin to explore these new truths death becomes less scary. In fact, it becomes a non-issue especially if you’re constantly focused on the present moment.

There are many stories of people on their deathbed who begin to realize that death is nothing to be afraid of.

The veil of the 3D world begins to lift.

They start to see and understand who they actually are and why they came to Earth. They begin to make peace with this inevitable transition. Sadness about leaving evaporates.

The loved ones left behind suffer in grief. The dying see the truth and know all is well.

Sickness also starts to lose its power over you. You begin to understand that all sickness is designed by you.

You have the power to make yourself sick. You also have the power to heal yourself. Your connection to Source allows you to heal any sickness you may have.

You don’t have to be on your deathbed to experience this. Mediation allows you to access the part of you that’s immortal, loving, and at peace.

3. You’re Beginning to Let Go of Attachment

When we’re young we are attached to our guardians. We need them for everything. Depending on your upbringing this type of dependency can exist well into adulthood.

A little while ago I realized that I harbored toxic emotional attachments to my mother and father.

These negative attachments have caused much suffering.

Through shadow work I found that:

  • I still at times seek approval from my parents even though I rarely speak to them
  • My desire to speak my truth on social media has been stifled by this attachment
  • I hold on to past negative interactions. This energy will clamp down like a claw never let go unless released.
  • I worry and don’t trust the future. This attachment leads to spiritual growth being stifled.

Perhaps you can relate.

Attachment causes immense suffering. When we can’t let go we can’t move to the next stage of our life.

Instead, we stay mired down in negativity.

Behaviors like:

  • Overthinking and excessive worry
  • Emotional eating
  • Binge-watching tv
  • Constant porn usage
  • Oversleeping

Keep us in a limited reality.

Once you start to let go of toxic habits, motivation and more peace will enter your life. This is easier said than done. But very possible.

Like I said earlier you were programmed to be attached as long as you have walked this Earth. Becoming completely unattached won’t happen overnight. But it’s a worthy journey to embark upon.

As you start this journey of awakening the first stage is becoming aware of your thoughts of attachment. From there you can reprogram those thoughts with unattached loving ones.

Some get a lack of attachment mistaken with indifference.

Letting go of attachment means that you care but are open to the highest outcome for your personal good. Regardless of what this is you’re at peace.

This is the goal.

The more you seek to be unattached but connected to your Source, the easier life will work out for you. Life will start to flow in a more desirable direction.

Things will seem to ” just work out” for you. The more you awaken the more apparent this truth will become.


The path of awakening is no easy feat. But as you get further down the path your trust will grow.

This is key.

If you don’t trust you’ll become stuck in a rut. Sometimes this needs to happen for contrast.

As you experience this contrast you’ll become more proactive in creating a reality that works for you.

You have complete control of your internal world. The external world will mirror the world you create for yourself inside.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Alan Watts,

“If you cannot trust yourself, you cannot even trust your mistrust of
yourself – so that without this underlying trust in the whole system of nature you are simply paralyzed”

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