5 Life Changes That Make You Awaken Spiritually

Jerome Huff


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Everybody’s spiritual path is unique. But there are some common themes once you start to awaken.

Sometimes awakening is so gradual you’re unaware of what’s happening.

Here are 5 life changes that may be part of your journey to higher levels of consciousness.

1. Long term friendships stop resonating with you

In primary school and university, friends are easy to make. The grace of youth allows you to connect without much judgment.

As you awaken discernment starts taking part in developing new relationships.

This discernment can off-putting at times. Perhaps you invested years in some friendships. Growing out of these relationships is a painful process. But as you awaken you don’t have much of a choice.

Certain people will stop resonating with you.

You’ll find yourself drifting away. Fortunately most of the time this process is gradual and old friends simply won’t be in your life anymore.

But if your close, there will be some sort of conversation that’ll take place. “Breaking up” conversations will be uncomfortable, it’s best to provide closure for yourself and your friend.

A few years ago I had to do this.

My two best friends were going on a different path than I. They loved to drink and party. I found myself living a healthier lifestyle that didn't involve drinking my face off every night.

Eventually, I sat them down and explained what was happening. It was brutal because I love them very much but I could not continue on my journey with them.

In the long run, this helped (and still is helping) my spiritual growth.

2. You seek spiritually oriented material on a regular basis

The first phases of awakening can be quite lonely. Most of us will seek books, podcasts, etc to give us support and help us grow.

Going down rabbit holes and learning everything you can about metaphysics and spirituality is normal. A whole new world is opening up for you.

One caveat of this is that it’s easy to get too wrapped up in learning and not applying the knowledge in your everyday life.

I’ve found that it's best to study daily but take breaks as well.

This way you can integrate and use the knowledge you’ve gained in a practical manner.

You have a lifetime of learning ahead.

Retreat and go deep within. But have a balance of coming down from the mountain and ground in your learnings.

3. You’re drawn to nature

Nature is all supporting.

Once you begin to awaken it becomes apparent that you need nature more than ever.

You might find yourself:

  • Walking barefoot more often
  • Connecting with the sun and moon
  • Doing crystal work
  • Going for long meditative walks
  • Touching plants and hugging trees
  • Engaging with animals in a more loving way

Nature is an important part of your spiritual growth. The Earth will give you supportive energy that you can’t find anywhere else.

I’ve found that it’s best to be outside as much as possible. This will help keep your mood upbeat and positive.

More growth will happen this way.

Being inside and disconnected from nature will cause sadness and depression.

Even in our new world of quarantine orders, nature will help you rise above the oppression.

4. You seek greater peace in life

Meditation allows you to access the part of your Being that is at eternal peace.

You’ll find that you want to extend that feeling outside of your spiritual practice.

This takes deliberate action of directing your thoughts to more positive ones. The desire for peace also keeps your ego in check.

Oftentimes we tell ourselves ridiculous stories that the ego has kept going from past negative experiences.

This of course creates turmoil. The desire for peace will make you aware of these stories.

You’ll start to heal from old wounds that have been held open for a long time.

Peace is your birthright. Greater peace will be accessed as you trust in the processes of growing awareness.

Old control mechanisms that you once employed will fall away.

5. The easy path doesn't appeal to you

I don’t know about you but a life of living on auto-pilot seems quite easy. Many of us in earlier times lived an unconscious life.

This life consisted of:

  • Waking up each morning in reaction mode
  • Mindlessly working a job with little or no passion
  • Daily interactions filled fear and blame
  • Toxic habits like binge-watching TV and excessive drinking
  • Lack of physical activity

No internal healing was sought. Challenges and growth were always stifled by drugs or other coping mechanisms.

You never had to face yourself and take responsibility.

But as you awaken this “easy” life quickly loses its luster. You now go against the grain. Daily you face your shadow and do healing work.

Challenges are met with an open heart.

You’re always looking for more ways to grow despite the fact that everyone around you seems to be coasting along.

At times you may feel resentful that everyone looks like they’re having a great time. After a while, you'll realize that you’re much better off doing the work.

It will pay off.

Your inner light will begin to shine bright. Leadership and service to others instead of Self will be your goal.

You’ll feel this light of love in every fiber of your Being. Your external world will reflect this growth.

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