What to Wear on a First Date - Hint: Whatever Makes You Feel Your Best!

Jenny Justice

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As I write this I am torn between my leopard print jumpsuit and a red, white, and blue tiered off shoulder maxi dress. Why? Because tomorrow I have a date. It’s time. I feel ready. And I feel so nervous and so excited!

But this is not about me, this is about you, about us, about anyone - especially us women, who might be getting ready for a first date soon or in the near future.

I’ve searched the net and here’s the best advice - ready?

1). Wear what makes you feel your most comfortable best

Easy, right? This does not mean sweatpants and sleeping attire, it just means something that you love and maybe wear often that you know makes you feel both good and comfortable. One of my worries is having to deal with a wardrobe malfunction in any way on a first date - I have a pair of wedge sandals, for example. I want to wear them. But, I know that when I wear them I have a bit of trouble with the whole walking thing and I do not want to look like a girl who can’t walk, right? So, I know they are out and my more comfortable flip flops are in. It’s summer, it just has to be. So, think about what you feel comfortable in and what makes you feel your best.

2). Don’t wear something new

I know it is so tempting to buy something just for a date but maybe wear it a bit first - use it once or twice, for something small just to test out how it makes you feel and if it has any weird quirks that you might want to be aware of - and I know you know what I mean! I have outfits that I just love but I know them by heart and I know that this top will always turn up this way, or this dress has those annoying hanger strings inside that will always fall out unless I stay on top of keeping them in, and I know these shoes squeak or hurt after 30 minutes of walking. It is good to know your wardrobe and to again, pick the best team player of an outfit for that first date, something tried and true that won’t surprise you with anything wild or embarrassing!

3). Dress for the date

So dates are occasions, events, specific things right? Dress accordingly. Dinner dates - enjoy, play, wear heels if you wish, a dress, get fancy. A picnic date - wear something smart for the outdoors, easy to get up and down in, and something that will look fancy and casual for sitting on that blanket. Going for a walk? You will have to wear your most special, most comfortable tennis shoes girl, be smart!

4). Lastly, enjoy it

I have said it before and I will say it again there is no feeling like that of getting dressed for a date - for someone that you, blush, have a crush on and who has a crush on you, and you know it and want to see where things go - so, enjoy it. Enjoy the entire experience of picking the outfit, the accessories, the ahem, matching or not matching, whatever makes you feel the most confident, underthings, the shoes - just enjoy it all. I know I will!

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