Governor Sisolak Signs Assembly Bill to Prohibit use of American Indians as Mascots, End Sundown Laws in Nevada

Jenny Justice
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Governor Steve Sisolak has signed Assembly Bill 88 which specifically prohibits using “a name, logo, mascot, song or other identifier associated with the Confederate States of America or a federally recognized Indian tribe,” unless a tribe has specifically granted a school permission to do so.

Along with this, the law will require schools with Native American/Tribal themed or stereotyped mascots to change their mascots/logos/songs/other identifiers.

The fight to stop using American Indians as mascots for sports teams is a long one and one that has been fought on local, state and national sports levels.

Some are wondering if this will apply to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas who “ recently, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas retired its “Hey Reb!” mascot, described by the school as “a cartoonish figure modeled after the western trailblazers of the 1800s” that Native American students and others had called for the school to retire.

The university removed a statue of the mascot from its campus amid last summer’s racial justice protests. In January, it announced it would retire it but keep the school’s Rebels nickname, despite its roots in Confederate imagery” (Associated Press).

In addition to issues of the use of images rooted in historical racism, Assembly Bill 88 also puts an end to “sundown laws”:

“Additionally, the new law prohibits communities from sounding signals associated with a past law “which required persons of a particular race, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin or color to leave the town by a certain time.”

This measure is directed at the town of Minden, where a fire siren blast at 6:00 p.m. every night has been associated with a racist law dating to 1917 that ordered members of the Washoe tribe out of town by 6:30, according to the Record-Courier newspaper” (The Root).

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