It’s Wedding Season! In Animal Crossing

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It's wedding season in Animal Crossing, fam! Don’t sleep on this adorable month! I mean, sure it is wedding season out here too, in the real world but for some of us that does not mean much. But wedding season in Animal Crossing is adorable, practical, and let’s face it, not really a wedding at all but a recreation of wedding photos for a pair of Alpacas celebrating an anniversary on Harv’s island for some reason.

In Animal Crossing, we don’t ask why. We just enjoy.

So here’s the scoop: Go to the Airport. Talk to the Dodo’s. Tell them you want to fly. Go to Harv’s island. Listen to his somewhat high, somewhat hippy speech. Meet the alpacas, Reese and Cyrus. Decorate the room as they tell you - it will either be a ceremony photo or a reception photo, so far those are the only options I have seen. Take plenty of photos. Talk to Reese once you are done. And lastly, for your trouble you get some really amazing wedding and reception themed furniture. What’s not to love?

You usually get one item per photo session from the Bride, Reese, and then some heart crystals which are gorgeous little things that you will be tempted to keep. And maybe go ahead and keep some! But, you have to use them to purchase the additional wedding furniture from the Blue Alpaca, Cyrus, who apparently made it all.

You can go every day this month, and I do recommend it. Stock up on the wedding furniture and then you can have your own special ceremonies on your island, or as I am doing just using it to decorate like any other furniture for some really campy kitschy rooms.

In addition to wedding season, this month I have noticed fireflies - yes, catch them at night!

Animal Crossing has been there for so many of us throughout our lives, and throughout the pandemic especially. I think it is wonderful that they have these seasons and special occasions to look forward to year round!

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