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More Than Food Truck Friday: Follow the Food Trucks in Reno/Sparks Every Day

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For anyone who went to Food Truck Friday on it’s opening night, you know what I am talking about. For anyone who did not go, well, you probably would not have been able to fit into the space! It. Was. Packed.

I have not seen so many people in one place in over a year. And I am sure many of us felt the same way. It was really amazing to witness - people were everywhere, all over the park - on blankets and benches, walking or playing games, and eating. Well, the lucky ones were eating. I know my crowd and I did not make it to the eating part of Food Truck Friday. We came at 6:30, looked for parking until after 7:00pm and walked up to the event to see lines longer than Disneyland on a summer day. Massive lines!

We tried to stand in one for a bit but were told that the Food truck had run out of things and was cash only. So, we hopped out and gave up. We, as I am sure all of your moms have told you, had food at home after all.

But I must admit it was a bummer to have come so far - past COVID life, past the waiting for things to return to ‘normal’ - and then to have not been able to try any of the amazing looking food. Maybe next time? Or, maybe just maybe one at a time might be key. These are food trucks in our city are they not? So, they exist and all we have to do is find them.

So without further ado, here are a few other ways to find food trucks in Reno/Sparks and to enjoy the feeling of American Street Food:

  1. Go to Feed the Camel on Wednesday Nights

From their facebook page, “Reno's favorite HUMP DAY food truck event returns for the summer! Join us for the “biggest little food truck event” at the McKinley Arts and Culture Center!!”

Feed the Camel takes place every Wednesday June 2nd - Sept 8th 2021 from 5:00 - 8:30PM

2. Follow the Food Trucks

Head to and get a glimpse at the food trucks that are in the area right now.

3. Pick your favorite, know it’s route

Food Trucks are moving restaurants and most of them have locations that rotate or that are even in just one place all week. If you have a favorite food truck, know where it is and find it there. The lines might be less crazy than at a major event! Some really great Food Trucks and their usual places are the Pot Luck Truck, which you can usually find at The Eddy.

4. Follow the Food Truck on Social Media where they usually post their location. For example,

our very own Battle Born Food Truck is on twitter. Check out where they are now!

Food Trucks are a unique, fun and delicious part of our urban food landscape. You can usually find them at local events, and there will usually be crowds - because of course! Amazing food, great weather, cool people, and a cool space usually means a lot of us want to be there where the action is. But if you find yourself in a spot like I did - unable to withstand the lines and crowds, and hungry, just know that there is always a food truck somewhere in this city, ready and waiting to make you happy and full.

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