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Wild River Grille on a Saturday Night is the Place to Be!

Jenny Justice

There’s nothing like enjoying a meal downtown by the river on a Saturday night. The Wild River Grille has a beautiful energy and atmosphere. Downtown Reno on a Saturday night is a thriving, hip and beautiful metropolis. Positively cosmopolitan! The sound of the river is soothing, grounding, and peaceful. And the food is absolutely delicious!

My lovely dinner companion and I enjoyed the food and the people watching. Everyone who passed by was also really friendly. So, if you like feeling a bit famous for no reason, I do recommend sitting outside near the edge of the fence! People waved and said hello often! We also got to witness some of the most Reno of Reno - the mixture of people, of styles, of energies, of activities. We even got to see the amazing Weird Reno walking tour go by twice! All of this and live music too. A truly amazing and special evening!
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I ordered the Salmon, and my friend ordered the Shrimp pasta. We were both pretty happy with our choices. On my part, the salmon was perfect and the couscous was delightful - the kind that I always wish I could make at home, but, if I am honest with myself, know that I cannot. It felt healthy and fancy - it came with zucchini and an amazing chipotle plum sauce! Perfection! And the price, well, I knew I was going out for a meal that was 30 or so dollars, so that’s okay. You just have to know it, go for it, splurge, and enjoy.

I am doing this healthy eating thing and so is my friend so neither of us tried any of the desserts but we saw some go by and they were beautiful. I am sure they were delicious and fun!

Part of what makes Reno Reno is this amazing, eclectic and vibrant mixture of people. The Wild River Grille is one of the best restaurants in Reno both for the food and for the atmosphere that makes you feel happy, joyful and nourished by amazing food.

Check out their website for a complete menu and to make researvations!
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