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In Praise of Weird Reno: A Unique and Joyful Experience!

Jenny Justice
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When I walked into the Renaissance in Downtown Reno, things felt magical right away. It was a beautiful place. A happy place. People were having fun. And the hotel looked fabulous. But I was not there to hang out and play Bocce. I was there to meet a friend to go on the Weird Reno walking tour. And I am so glad I did!

Weird Reno is a unique and truly beautiful creation. The performers are locals, the entire experience is meaningful and fun, and it all feels like such a wonderful celebration of Reno and community. Billing itself as “The historical comedy walk that will leave you in wonder and cause you to laugh yourself silly as you take an irreverent look at the city of Reno,” Weird Reno does not disappoint!

There are ten stops in the downtown Reno area on the walking tour. At each stop the wonderful tour guide, Mark Kalin does a truly amazing job of offering tour participants a treat that combines the best of magic, comedy, and history.

I won’t spoil a thing in this article because I truly feel Weird Reno is an experience you should see and feel for yourself! My friend and I could not believe it. So many times we just laughed and laughed and felt like this was something we were so lucky to belong to, belong with, be a part of. We were in awe for an hour and a half!

As mentioned, I certainly will not spoil one single thing for you about this tour, but just know that it opens with magic, and closes with magic, and I will tell you both times I cried. Yes yes, for some reason magic makes me cry. It moves me so much to see something so unbelievable and yet so so fascinating and charming. The sense of wonder is so pure, almost childlike, and so rare in this world!

Weird Reno is better than weird, it is also truly beautiful. Werid Reno is art and it's creators, Mark and Jinger, are top notch artists.

Mark and Jinger are endearing, funny, and it is clear to see deeply caring and kind. Their passion for Reno, making people laugh, and sharing their talents is something that inspires. You can learn more about them, and their vision for Weird Reno in this piece in Heritage Magazine, Reno. You can also listen to them on our new local podcast, Renoites.

The history they share about our city is remarkable, mesmerizing, and entertaining. The entire experience makes locals feel grounded in place, and happy to be so, and it makes visitors happy they came to our biggest little city. There is nothing else like Weird Reno in Reno or any city, and I again, urge you to get to their website, book some tickets, alone or with friends and check it out. They are currently in their 7th weekend and this project, this tour is clearly a labor of love that deserves to be rewarded and celebrated!

You will laugh through the tour and walk away feeling closer to this city and wanting to learn more. I know I will go on the tour again and again, yes, I might be obsessed, but there is truly something magical about celebrating the weird with others. I hope to see you, fellow Weird Renoites, there!

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