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Walking and Running in the Biggest Little City

Jenny Justice

Summer is just around the corner. A lot of my friends are into running or participating in walks for a cause. I decided to look into a few of these things in the hopes of maybe signing up for one. My level of fitness is: poet/writer so I am not one to hit the gym or run for fun. I do like walking. And I do need to lose that COVID 19 (lbs) that hit me like a soft cushy truck starting March 2020-present. So, here’s a brief introduction to some upcoming runs/walks in the Reno Sparks area that might get us all started on our fitness journey!

For starters, check out to see if there are upcoming races in the area that you might want to join. Looks like there are always additions, and sometimes, cancelations so you might want to be in touch with the local organization as soon as you register.

We have a pretty major run - an odyssey if you will - coming up soon. The Reno-Tahoe Odyssey is a huge event. I think membership is closed now but this might be something to look into for next year, or to maybe watch if you can find a spot on the trail

On June 20 there will be a Reno Races - #2 - Bowers Mansion Firecracker Run. From what I can tell it is for all ages and it sounds like a blast. For more information check it out at: .

On October 3, (I know I know, a bit far off but that gives us all more time to plan and train) there will be the Reno River Run. For more information and for steps on signing up, check it out here:

You can also look on and search for the neighborhood near you. Many people have walking and running groups that are informal but fun. I found this gem on YouTube about Reno walkers.

Getting fit, having fun, and exploring the city can all be accomplished via the same thing: taking a walk or going for a run. Whichever one you choose, and if you want to do it up big and join a running group or participate in any of the upcoming running events, more power to you!

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Jenny Justice is a poet, writer, mother and teacher. She is just a girl in the world, new to town and learning to love this city - Reno, NV. She writes about all things local from food, to fun, to what you need to know to have a good day, good week, or good time in The Biggest Little City. Jenny loves books and will encourage that love of books with her book reviews. She also writes about relationships, dating, parenting, and other topics when the muse moves her. Follow her for good food, good books, and good fun especially in the Biggest Little City in the world.

Reno, NV

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