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Finding a Good Vet in Reno/Sparks

Jenny Justice

My daughter and I took our new cat to the vet this morning. It was our first time. I am happy to report that it went well and that the COVID safety protocols feel clear, easy, and of course, safe.

Finding a good vet can be a task and a challenge. Especially if you are a new or first time pet owner. You want the place to have good reviews, kind and competent vets and technicians, and you want to feel good about taking your pet to the vet - even if your pet does not want to go!

Our cat handled it very well today. The cat that I had before this one howled and fought just being put into her carrier. This one walked right in, laid down and was really chill until we got her in the car. Then it started to get concerning for her! But, it was all mostly just some tiny anxiety meows.

I’ve put together a short introduction to a few good vets in the Reno Sparks area based upon their reviews. I hope this helps you find the perfect vet for you and your pets!

Advanced Pet Care of Northern Nevada

This vet offers a lot more than basic wellness and health care for your pet. They have acupuncture, grooming, and boarding as well. The forms are available online but I recommend calling them first and finding out which forms you might need to fill out and get back to them depending upon the services you need for your pet. Advanced Pet Care has excellent ratings across all of the rating apps and websites and their look is clean, professional, and kind.

Klaich Animal Hospital

The Klaich Animal Hospital offers veterinary services as well as urgent care. They have a facebook page with excellent reviews, adorable pictures, and important information on their clinic and services. Check them out here:

Valley Vet Clinic

Valley Vet Clinic is located on Lemmon Drive and has a website full of testimonials regarding their excellent service and care. They are open Monday through Friday. What I found most endearing about them is that they have a great blog on their website that gives folks tips and information about their pets and how to care for them.

North Hills Vet

With over 25 years of experience, the North Hills Vet Clinic has wonderful testimonials and reviews, a website that gives you an introduction to their doctors and staff, and a tour of the clinic as well.

These local vets and animal clinics are just a place to start. You can do some google searching, ask around, or use your social networks to find a vet that might work for you. Or, in our case we really lucked out because one of the best vets in the area happens to be located right across the street from us! So, look around, ask questions and if you are still wondering how to pick a vet for your pet, check out this wikihow on how to evaluate a vet to see what is right for you and your pet:

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