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Happy Independent Bookstore Day, Reno!

Jenny Justice

Today, April 24th, 2021, is Independent Bookstore Day! I want to celebrate - do you? I come from a long line of independent bookstores. In high school I worked in one in Michigan, and it was a life changing experience. And then later in life, prior to grad school, I worked at another one, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And now that I live in Reno, NV I love to celebrate our own local bookstore, Sundance Books and Music, as often as I can.

How do I love thee, Sundance? Let me count the ways. First of all the building is gorgeous. It is perfect. It is what a dream bookstore might look like. Have you seen it? Go check it out. A gorgeous old white building, with an amazing and peaceful yard full of flowers and fountains and benches. It’s a dream!

Second, the floors are wooden, old, and they creak. Yes! Bring on that charm. I love it. I love the stairs, the smell, the feeling of that place.

Third, the books!! The books are the treasure. I love the layout and the fact that they have both used and new books to hunt for and hoard. I love that they have staff favorites and features, and that they have sections that are important to local authors and local interests.

Fourth, the events!! Local and independent bookstores are cherished places because of the books, yes, the feel, yes, and the fact that they give space and place for readers and writers. I love attending readings and author events at Sundance. It feels sacred and inspiring every time.

For more on our local independent bookstore, check them out at Sundance Books and Music.

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Jenny Justice is a poet, writer, mother and teacher. She is just a girl in the world, new to town and learning to love this city - Reno, NV. She writes about all things local from food, to fun, to what you need to know to have a good day, good week, or good time in The Biggest Little City. Jenny loves books and will encourage that love of books with her book reviews. She also writes about relationships, dating, parenting, and other topics when the muse moves her. Follow her for good food, good books, and good fun especially in the Biggest Little City in the world.

Reno, NV

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