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Welcome to the Family! On Adopting a Pet in Reno/Sparks

Jenny Justice

My daughter and I adopted a cat this week. We have both wanted one for such a long time. We kept checking the websites, looking and looking for kittens preferably, and if not for a youngish cat that felt or looked, right for us.

A few weeks back my daughter’s cat passed away. This was a cat that was my first child essentially, as such things go, but stayed with my daughter’s other parent in the divorce and custody situation. So I was heartbroken too, but I had already let go of this lovely cat in my mind. But, my daughter was so brokenhearted, and asked again if we could try harder to find a cat.

We put in an application with the Nevada Humane Society on a cat that looked cute. Big eyes, tabby, and 1.5 years old.

The procedure happens fast once it happens. If your application is accepted, you will either be told the cat has been adopted or you will get a call to make an appointment to go visit the cat. If you visit the cat and like the cat, you have to take it home that day! And we did!

This meant a trip to Petco. Thankfully they have a discount when you let them know you are adopting a new pet. So we stocked up on the essentials: litter box, litter scoop, food and water dishes, food, litter, toys, scratching post, a bed, and a cat carrier.

We visited, we loved, we went through the adoption process and we brought our new pet home. We have decided to name her Ariel because she is royal and poetic - the name means Lion/Lioness of God. So far, so good but I forgot that a new pet is like a new baby. I have not been this tired in 12 years!

She is getting to know her new home which means a lot of walking around and meowing at walls and in corners. She did not go through any hiding phase - she was cozy and in love with my daughter and I at once, snuggling with us on the couch, walking all over our bodies, doing that adorable making biscuits things that cats sometimes do. She is still young.

We wanted a kitten but after reflection and research a young cat might be a better choice. She is still young and sweet, yes, but she’s had most of her vaccines, which saves money!, and she understands how to use a litterbox and a bit about what things are safe and not safe - kittens are adorable but clumsy!

So far she could care less about her scratching post and has decided my new couch and carpet are just fine. I put in an order for some things that might helpe - this plastic cover that goes around the bottom of furniture, for example and a new cat tree that might be more exciting for her than a boring old post.

This is a beautiful thing. Adoption of a pet and bringing her home is an important decision and really, life changing. So if you want a pet, be sure you are ready. I have to find a vet and make appointments and put money aside for her healthcare and needs. I have to adjust my home and sleep schedule. But, my daughter has already changed. She is so responsible when she has something to love and care for. She is so attentive and alert. She is so loving. And she is so happy. And so am I.

For more information on pet adoption in our Reno/Sparks area, check out the Nevada Humane Society or our local SPCA.

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Reno, NV

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