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Spring in Nevada! Three Ways to Celebrate it Outside in Reno/Sparks

Jenny Justice

It’s officially Spring in Nevada. What are we going to do about it?

Well, for starters we are going to range from cold to too hot. So, dress accordingly. A lot of us are starting to emerge and to get into outside things, COVID safe and also, nature friendly. So what I do is bring almost all of my clothing or so it would seem. Layers are important. It feels like winter one moment, and like summer the next. The wind can be freezing! The sun can be desert hot! So, be prepared.

Great places to go for a spring day in Reno include the park to fly a kite, a walk by the Truckee River, or a trip to the Legends outdoor mall for some shopping.

Our favorite park for all things has to be what we call the Tree Park, better known as:

Rancho San Rafeal Regional Park

It’s huge. There’s a lot to see. And you can fly a kite, have a picnic, or just talk to the trees and find peace.

The River Walk is also wonderful if you want to get out there and be around some people, safely, of course - mask in hand, or on face, just enjoying the outdoors and hearing the sound of the river as you walk and look at the art, take a rest in the park, or maybe eat at one of the many restaurants along the river that offer great outdoor dining and friendly atmosphere.

Lastly, there’s shopping. You might be the type to think shopping is enough of an outside Spring activity and I understand that. Legends let’s you be outside, look at cool art or sit in really neat spaces with fire pits sometimes, and also window or real shop as you see fit.

There’s a lot more to to in Reno/Sparks for the Spring but these three very different options show that our area really does have something for everyone. Enjoy the Spring!

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Reno, NV

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