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Hygge in Reno: How to Experience Hygge in the Biggest Little City

Jenny Justice

Even in a pandemic, moments of Hygge are all around us to cultivate and relax into with gratitude. Hygge can best be described as a mood or feeling, something that we can experience in a certain setting, alone or with others, that sparks a feeling of comfort, coziness, and charm within us. It is about the feeling of contentment and well-being. Hygge to me feels like magical calm, like pretty peace. And little did I know I had been including aspects of hygge into my life for as long as I can remember.

Hygge is not about material things or even about creating a lifestyle trend. It is about how you feel and what things, and people, evoke these feelings within you. My hygge comes to me in waves throughout the day as I find comfort in my cozy home - with candles, throw pillows, comfy blankets, and cozy meals with my daughter. It also comes from books and baths, from decorating with bits and pieces of nature and light, and from surrounding myself with cuddly things and people, as best I can, in this pandemic. Hot tea is also hygge for me, and in the morning, my meditation, yoga, and cinnamon coffee make me feel that feeling of comfort, stability, magic, and joy.

My dreams are full of creating a home that brings hygge moments to others after this pandemic loosens its grip on us and lets us have gatherings again. I am ready to go with board games, new tea cups, and tons of extra blankets and floor pillows. I envision house parties that are full of love, joy, comfort and coziness with friends surrounding both my daughter and I, and yes, please, a dream hygge date for me as soon as it is safe to engage in moments of romance again!

To prepare for this day, I’ve compiled a short list of places and ways to bring Hygge into your life - and mine! - right here at home in Reno, Nevada.


The Spice & Tea Shop

Get all of your spice and tea needs at the Spice & Tea Shop in Reno. Check their website for products and hours and stock up for a cozy night in with yourself or with the friends and family you live with. Tea is relaxing, comforting, and brings so much hygge to life!


Sundance Books and Music

Head into Sundance for books books and more books as well as wonderful decor items, board games, and music to complete your home’s hygge mood.



You can find so many cozy local things at Larkellen. From pajamas to candles, olive oil to blankets, this story is a great place to explore, virtually or in person, to help you create a hygge home.


A final element of hygge to incorporate into your life and that is abundant in our Reno/Tahoe area is nature. Being out in nature, or bringing pieces of nature into your home. Check out this list of local parks and national parks that are safe to explore and enjoy, bringing you moments of peace and hygge.

As we get through this pandemic it is important to keep safe and to keep calm. Taking time to experience the mood and feeling of hygge each day can help with this. I find that even on my hardest days it is the hygge inducing things that heal me, help me, and get me through. Thank you for joining me on this journey of cozy joy!

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Jenny Justice is a poet, writer, mother and teacher. She is just a girl in the world, new to town and learning to love this city - Reno, NV. She writes about all things local from food, to fun, to what you need to know to have a good day, good week, or good time in The Biggest Little City. Jenny loves books and will encourage that love of books with her book reviews. She also writes about relationships, dating, parenting, and other topics when the muse moves her. Follow her for good food, good books, and good fun especially in the Biggest Little City in the world.

Reno, NV

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