Why Hire a Freelance Writer in the Era of AI like Chat GPT ?

Jenny Curtis

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Why should you, a local business person, hire a Freelance Writer?

Anyone seeking to further their education, grow their business, or perform outreach for their nonprofit now has the choice - hire a real human writer or editor or use the fast growing AI systems that are out there doing some pretty good writing.

As a real human writer, I have explored AI. I enjoy it. It is really fun and I’ll admit it, awe-inspiring. The knowledge it has and the speed in which it can put out full articles of content is fascinating.

However, of course, as a real human writer, one with a family and bills, and one with decades of experience and the desire to maintain her job, I do have to say that there are two key things that AI does not have: heart and flexibility.

We actual humans have heart, this is true. I know I do. My writing is my passion and when I write for clients I put my heart into it because I know that my writing is valuable - to you, and to me! I want the best for you and I want to let you know that I am worth your time and money.

I show this to you via having flexibility, adaptability and by truly working with you person-to-person. AI is great, and it probably is part of the wave of the future. But people with our goods and services, our skills and our needs, our hopes and our dreams are the future too. Sitting down over coffee with you to go over your needs as a business or nonprofit and to share my skills as a writer and consultant are things that cannot be done with AI.

My academic degrees and my decades of experience as an educator, instructor, small business owner and writer offer things that AI just cannot yet replace. Real humans understanding other real humans is something pretty important, unique and of course, a critical if not the only foundation of our entire society. Being a freelance writer, for me, means freedom to be myself and to follow my heart and to share my passion with others in a way that also provides me with income.

Hiring a freelance writer, especially one you can talk to, share ideas with, and get wisdom and insight from is highly recommended for any business or nonprofit writing need!

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