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5 Things We Need in Out Here In Stead and the North Valleys

Jenny Curtis

I recently moved out to Stead, in Reno. I never knew what this meant before but now I do - it is still Reno but it is far out here. And it is a nice place with lots of little neighborhoods with great potential. This being said, I have noticed the traffic pattern is always the absolute most people trying to leave Stead in the morning for work in other parts of Reno and trying to get back to Stead in the evening. I am not a fan of this! And it got me thinking - we need a few more things out here in our neck of the Reno woods to cut back on all of this having to go far off to do things all of the time. Granted, nothing is that far off in the biggest little city, but still we would like a few things closer to home out here. Here’s my little list of things we need in Stead.

1 A Target

Can a girl get another Target? Closer to home. The other two are so far away. And you can never have too many, I think. We have plenty of space out here and sometimes Walmart just won’t cut it for things families might need. We had a crisis recently where one of our kids needed Christmas Pajamas for Pajama Day and the stores out here had not an item. Driving to Target late at night for really, a childhood emergency, was just not that fun. I think we can handle a Target out here in the Stead/Lemmon Valley area, don’t you?

2 A Mall like Legends

Again, we have lovely malls in Reno both far off in different directions, both different and special trips. How about throwing one out here my way? Shoes, clothing, an arcade or two, a food court - there are so many kids and teens and families out here in this area a mall would be a sure thing to succeed.

3 A Movie Theater

If nothing else, please? A nice one with nice seats. Again, all I see out here are kids, teens, families, and a lot of people so we would like to build this little area up into a place where we can save some gas and entertain our families at the same time.
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4 Donuts

Reno is full of donuts. This is not a lie. You know where there are not any donuts? In Stead. We could have a donut store and it would do well, I feel it.

5 Something Cute

We have a nice little street that could be benefited by throwing something cute onto it - not sure what, but a cute shop, a nice little area for statues and flowers, just something out here that sort of gives us a sense of place and an acknowledgement that Stead is important and has a lot of good people who might want to drive less now and again and have nice things in our own little part of the city.

Who’s with me? Do we need to write a letter to someone? How does this work? Imagine being able to stroll into the Target in Stead, or go to the Stead Mall, Legends 2, the Sequel, or see a movie on a Friday night and not have to drive for 30 minutes there and back? Or get a donut before school with the kids and not be late to school because of traffic! Heck, imagine not having to be late because of traffic at this point.

What would you like to see in Stead or these North Valleys of ours? What about your own neighborhood in Reno? It does not hurt to dream big in the biggest little city so go for it!

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