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VLC Media Player is one of the best Media players developed so far. Every day, millions of users are downloading this media player and using it on their devices. VLC is one of the most commonly used media players on desktop-based devices. VLC media player allows you to use hotkeys and shortcut keys for making it easy to access. In this article, I listed the huge Hotkeys list, which will help you save some time using the VLC media player.

VLC Shortcuts and Hot keysJohn Wick - VLC. Guru

Keyboard Shortcuts for File Operations:

  • CTRL + S - This shortcut is used to stream media from an online or local device.
  • CTRL + R - It is used to convert and save the video file.
  • CTRL + V - It is used to open the copied location in the clipboard.
  • CTRL + C - This shortcut is mainly used to Open the capture device.
  • CTRL + N - It is used to open the Network stream.
  • CTRL + D - It is used to open the disk.
  • CTRL + F - It is used to open the folder of the media.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + O - Used to open multiple media files.
  • CTRL + O - It is used to open a single media file.

File Menu Operations:

  • ALT+ M - This key is used to open the Media menu.
  • ALT + L - This key is used to open the playback menu.
  • ALT + H - Use this key to open the Help menu.
  • ALT + I - It will open the View menu.
  • ALT + O - This key will open the tool menu.
  • ALT + A - If you want to open the audio menu, you can use this key.
  • ALT + V - It will open the Video menu.
  • ALT + S - This key is used to open the Subtitle menu.

Playing Shortcuts:

  • Space Bar Key - If you want to play or else if you want to pause a file, you can use this key.
  • N - To go to the next track, use this key.
  • P - To go to the previous track, you can use this key.
  • T - Press this key to know about the present time and the leftover run time.
  • p - Press this key to play from the start of the particular file.
  • S - By pressing this key, you can stop the video that was playing
  • Esc - To exit from the full screen, you can use this key.
  • L - Use this key to Loop off, one or all.
  • E - In order to switch to the next frame, you can use this key.
  • R - Random on and off shortcut key.
  • F key or F11 - Press either one of these keys to get full-screen mode on and off, Or else you can even double-click the mouse to do the same action.
  • CTRL + H - Use this key to switch the minimal interface on and off.
  • CTRL + T - Use this key to go to the particular time of a playing media.

Programming operations:

  • F1 - Press this key to get the help dialog box.
  • SHIFT + F1 - This key displays the about information.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + W - VLM configuration shortcut key.
  • ALT + Q or ALT + F4, CTRL + Q - All these are used to quit.
  • CTRL + P - Use his key to open the preference menu.
  • CTRL + M - Press this key concurrently to open the message screen.
  • CTRL + E - Use this key to open the adjustments and the effect’s menu.

Playing Speed:

  • [ - Press this key to decrease the playing speed.
  • ] - In order to increase the playing speed, press this key.
  • = - This key is used to get back to the normal playing speed.

Subtitles Shortcut key:

  • V - In order to cycle through the subtitle, press this key.
  • G - Press this key to decrease the subtitle delay.
  • H - Press this key to increase the subtitle delay.

We have listed the shortcut key used in the VLC Media player. Hope this article is helpful. Find more information on VLC Shortcuts reference page. Images and content credits are from VLC.guru

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