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Spring, Texas: The Pros and Cons

Jennifer Yoingco, Houston Suburb REALTOR​ ®

What is the first thing you do when deciding to relocate to another city, state, or country? What factors do you consider before moving? You find out more about them! Right? You research the neighborhood, you check the crime rate, you find which school districts are the best, you look for places with the most employment opportunities, you analyze their cost of living, and you ask around how it is to actually live in that place.

To answer your questions about moving to Texas, particularly in the greater Houston area, I wrote this article tackling the pros and cons of living in the Spring area, one of the cities I specialize in as a realtor.

Summers can be unpleasantly hot and damp.Lightfield Studios (Canva)

Let me start with the cons. First, the heat. I come from a tropical country, yet I will never get used to the blistering hot temperatures during the summer season in Spring. The temperature can go as high as 94 degrees Fahrenheit on some days. Couple that with humidity and you end up with a sticky summer. So, ditch those bulky winter clothes and stock up on more comfortable clothing items such as shorts, trousers, shirts, tank tops, and some nice flowing dresses. Don't worry about winter, it's not that freezing compared to the Midwest and Northeastern parts of the country. You'll be fine with a light jacket or a windbreaker. And don't forget the umbrella! We have crazy, unpredictable weather down here. It can be sweltering hot right now and raining cats and dogs later.

The most active months for mosquitoes are during the summer months.Galiskaya (Canva)

Second, because of the tropical climate, the bodies of water, and the wooded areas surrounding Spring, we are home to several bugs and mosquitoes. There are about a hundred or so native species of insects that are native to the United States, and about a third of these are in Texas. I am not trying to scare you, but when we say everything is big in Texas, we mean everything! including bugs and mosquitoes. Most of them are harmless, but it is best to always bring insect repellents with you. You can also hire a pest control expert to exterminate those bugs and mosquitoes from your home.

Seasonal allergies in Spring, Texas are commonly caused by the proliferation of local flora.Getty Images (Canva)

Third, allergies. Spring is still pretty much a forested area with lots of green fields and trees. And this active ecosystem has plenty of pollen that could trigger allergies. So if you have a severe case of pollen allergy, I am sorry, but Spring Texas is not for you.

According to Business Insider, Texas drivers spent an average of 63 hours sitting in trafficGetty Images (Canva)

Fourth, traffic. With a lot of road construction going on and a growing number of residents in the area, traffic is something that you will have to live with, especially if you frequent I45 to reach downtown Houston or The Woodlands area. It's good to have a GPS in your car with live traffic updates. I would also suggest checking a traffic website from time to time before you move here to give you an early insight into how heavy traffic can be in certain areas at certain hours of the day. It's also highly advisable to familiarize yourself with frontage roads and inner streets to avoid the busy highways.

The average combined tax rate in the Spring Texas area is $2.80 to $3.68 per $100 assessed value in 2021.Getty Images (Canva)

Fifth, our property taxes are higher compared to the national average. Most often, this is broken down into 3 components: the county tax, school district tax, and the municipal utility district tax or MUD. You may check with Spring's local tax authorities for a detailed and updated tax rate.

Texas is one of the seven states that have no income taxGetty Images Pro (Canva)

Now, I know you are wondering why our property taxes are so high compared to the whole of the United States. Are you ready to discover the first pro? We are one of the seven states that have no income tax. Great huh? Wait until you hear more.

In the United States, Texas has the largest deregulated electric sector resulting in lower electricity rates.Getty Images (Canva)

Second, we are a deregulated energy state. Meaning, we do not rely on a single power provider. We have the power to choose which energy supplier can give us the best value for our money. The deregulated environment promotes healthy competition among power providers, resulting in lower electricity rates.

The typical home value of homes in Spring is $288,316 as of January 2022.Getty Images Signature (Canva)

Third, we have the lowest housing costs in the nation. To illustrate, according to one of the real estate marketplaces, the home value index states that the typical home value of homes in the United States is $325,677 as of January 2022. In Spring, Texas that value can buy you a beautiful 1k-3k square foot, 3-4 bedroom single-family home in a nice neighborhood. Now, check what type of home that value can give you in the city you are in right now and compare.

Spring, Texas is close to everything you need.ixus142 (Canva)

Fourth, Spring's proximity to everything. Working in the downtown area, the Energy Corridor or the ExxonMobil Campus is just a few miles away. San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin are just around a 3-hour drive if you need a change of scenery for a long weekend. You want to go on a cruise? Galveston is just more than an hour's drive. From there, you can choose from Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Disney Cruise Lines for a 4-13 day cruise to the Bahamas, Mexico, the Grand Cayman, and Jamaica.

In Spring, Texas, you'll find friendly locals.Getty Images (Canva)

And last but not the least, the people of Spring are nice and friendly. If you are new to the neighborhood, expect to be greeted by warm and cordial smiles. Don't be awkward. Just smile back and who knows? You might get invited to a few beers and a barbecue.

There are still a lot of cons and pros to living in Spring. We could talk about it all day. The few things I mentioned here are just the major ones that I think newcomers should know right off the bat. You're sure to discover more as you spend more days, months and years in Spring.


**Jennifer Yoingco is a full-time licensed Houston Texas REALTOR (#648293) with Walzel Properties, LLC. She has been helping first-time homebuyers, experienced buyers and sellers search homes for sale, houses for sale in the greater Houston area (serving Houston, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, Conroe, Magnolia, Sugarland, Richmond, and the surrounding cities). She negotiates to the client's advantage by using cutting-edge digital marketing technology. She is teamed with marketing professionals who can showcase the home to the best advantage. Contact her for any real estate needs. Email: JenYoingco7@gmail.com (832)286-8636**

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