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Woman in Chicago films video of an unidentified object floating in the sky

Jennifer Geer

Some suggest it's merely a balloon or a drone, while others refute that. But so far, nobody has been able to definitively identify what is seen in the video.

I once thought we were being invaded by something (ghost orbs or aliens, I wasn't sure) on a warm summer night as I sat outside on my patio.

Glowing orbs were gently floating across the night sky. I posted the video on Facebook, only to be told by a friend that the alien invasion I thought was occurring were Chinese paper lanterns floating across. They were most likely set off from a nearby celebration.

In all seriousness, I didn't actually think I was seeing aliens. But I didn't know what the floating fireballs were. I was slightly less embarrassed to find I wasn't the only one to get confused by floating lanterns. It caused enough of a fuss in Texas a few years ago that they ended up being reported by NBC News.

Chicago video

This leads us to the latest strange floating object that was filmed hovering over Chicago. WBEZ reported on October 6 that a woman filmed an odd-looking object in the sky above Chicago.

Just like my lanterns, there is most assuredly a reasonable explanation for this video recorded by a Chicago woman. But nobody has offered up a good one yet.

The video was recorded by Aiyana from her terrace. The video shows a black object sitting in the sky above the city.

Aiyana told Pen News, "I literally have no idea what it was. There is nothing comparable. It was a ball of some sort with two long strings or belts hanging from it. I felt total confusion and a bit creeped out."

Aiyana says she continued to watch the object until it was gone, "It seemed to just float slowly southeast without any other major movement. It covered a few miles in about 20 minutes."

The video has gone viral and has even been reported in other countries, with the news showing up in the UK's Mirror.

My guess: It's a drone or a balloon

Normal objects can look strange when viewed from a distance. Just like my Chinese lanterns, there must be a reasonable explanation for the floating object. But it is an odd video and hard to tell exactly what's going on there.

What do you think? Drone? Balloon? Aliens? I'd love to hear your theories in the comments.

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