Runners Seek Justice for Breonna Taylor's Death

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Two San Diego women started a running movement to peacefully protest and raise awareness for Breonna's tragic death

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In San Diego this Saturday, March 13th, you can join others for a run or ride for justice for Breonna Taylor. The kick-off event begins at 8 AM at 3900 Cleveland Avenue. Check out the Unity Runners website for more information and to register.

You can choose to run the following routes:

  • 3 miles
  • 13K (8 miles)
  • 13 miles

Though the runners meet every Saturday to run for Breonna, tomorrow's anniversary holds a special significance.

It's not just in San Diego, California. People across the country have joined the movement, and you can most likely find a run in a city near you on any given Saturday.

It all began with two runners, Gina Wickstead and Nicol Hodges, who are currently hosting the runs for Breonna in San Diego.

Wickstead began dedicating her runs to Breonna on June 11th, 2020. New to running, she had only just completed a couch to 5K program last summer. Hodges, a seasoned runner, had the same thought to dedicate runs to justice for Breonna. They got together and began a movement that is spreading across the nation.

To find a run near you and register, you can check out the event page at Eventbrite. If there are no runs in your area, you can still register and print a bib to run wherever you are. All donations go to Justice for Breonna.

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What happened to Breonna?

One year ago this Saturday, Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by police officers that entered her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, on the night of March 13th, 2020. Justice was never served. Taylor’s family was awarded a $12 million wrongful death settlement, and yet, a grand jury brought no charges against the police officers.

The officers entered the apartment that night without knocking. Breonna's boyfriend fired his gun once and struck an officer. He said later that he believed the officer was an intruder. After his shot was fired, the officers responded by firing into the apartment 32 times. Five shots hit Breonna and she was killed.

One officer was indicted for endangering her neighbors when he fired his weapon, but none of the officers were charged for her death.

The fairness of the trial is in question as one juror has sued to have the proceedings released to the public. Attorney General Daniel Cameron has refused to answer many unanswered questions regarding the trial.

Many protests have sprung up around the country since her death. And after the grand jury’s decision, they show no signs of stopping.

It's not over yet

An ongoing federal investigation by the US Department of Justice is looking into the actions of the police officers that led to her death.

Robert Brown, Louisville FBI's special agent in charge told an AP reporter that investigators would look "at all aspects of it, where the facts that led up to this, the actual incident and things that might have occurred afterwards.”

Banning no-knock warrants

Besides raising awareness for Taylor, the group is calling for a ban on “No Knock Warrants”. Some cities, including Louisville, have taken steps to begin to place bans on this type of warrant, but there is no law at the national level.

The protests continue

Other demonstrations are being organized for this weekend. Peaceful protestors in Lousiville are planning to gather at Jefferson Square Park for a march this Saturday.

Breonna is not the only woman who has suffered from police brutality. The #SayHerName campaign has drawn attention to other Black women and girls that have been victimized.

The investigation into Breonna's death is far from over. We can make the world a better place by speaking up when we see injustice. We can protest. We can vote. And whether we are in San Diego, or anywhere else, we can go for a run.

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