4 Questions You Must Answer For a Profitable Blog Launch

Jennifer Brown Banks


There are many ways to approach a blog launch today, depending upon your goals, blogging personality and personal preferences.

Like any other money making “product,” your blog will be much more progressive and profitable if a strategic plan is factored into the equation.



Can you identify your target audience? Are they general readers or potential clients? In other words, will it be businesses or perhaps beginning bloggers? Stay at home moms or fiction fanatics? The answer to these questions will determine your “voice“, language, formality, and the level of content. It will also influence which blogs to guest post on to attract clients and potential followers.


What is your marketing plan? Will you promote your blog primarily through guest posts at top-dog sites? Hit people up through Twitter and other social media forums? Engage in ad exchanges with other bloggers? How much money is in your marketing budget? These are all valid issues worth assessing.


What’s your purpose for being in the blogosphere? This may seem simple, but in essence, it isn’t. For example, social service agencies may blog to increase awareness of an important social cause, while celebrities may blog to increase their fan base. Some writers blog to entertain, while others blog to educate. There are even those who use their platforms to vent regarding their pet peeves. There is no right or wrong reason to blog. However, knowing why you blog shapes your expectations and helps you to stay committed during challenging times.


How will advertisers benefit from advertising at your site? What are your subscriber numbers? Your connections? Your influence? Your draw? If applicable, you should share your success stories too.

Final Thought

Answering these crucial questions will help to break through your “blog fog“ and optimize your efforts in 2021.

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