Increase Your Social Media I.Q. And Your Productivity...Here's How!

Jennifer Brown Banks

Let’s face it. It’s certainly easy to become overwhelmed and over extended with the array of social media options on the scene today.

There’s Twitter, Instagram, TIK TOK, Facebook, LinkedIN, Pinterest and Google+. Oh my!

And new ones are cropping up like summer weeds.

Although variety might be the "spice of life," there’s a downside here.

Not knowing how to align social media forums correctly to your creative and business goals, means you will waste time, hinder progress, burn out quicker, and rob yourself of countless hours that could be devoted to other marketing and money-making pursuits. Not managed correctly, it can be a real “time suck.” “And time is money.”

There’s a better way. Here’s a “cheat sheet” to determine the best use of your marketing time and efforts, to help you become more social media savvy and profitable in days ahead.

But before we explore, try this Social Media I.Q. Quiz, to find out where you stand.


1. All social media options are created equally.

2. In order to make social media work, it’s important to “engage” for at least two hours every day.

3. Social media is the only way to “win friends and influence people.”

4. FaceBook is the best forum for searching for clients?

If you answered "False" to All of the above questions, move to the head of the class.

Now for today's CHEAT SHEET…




This micro-blogging (140 characters) marketing tool is like the “fast food” of communications. It’s quick and convenient, and doesn’t require a great investment of time and money. It’s ideal for creating a buzz and sharing useful links; but not necessarily for creating meaningful dialogue, establishing your expertise, or making money. Used in tandem with other marketing tools, however, it could have significant impact. One social media guru shares: “If you Tweet something, it’s kind of like throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean, isn’t it? You don’t really know who will read it … or if anyone will. However, if somebody subscribes to a blog or YouTube channel, they are asking for your content. There is a good chance they will actually see it.”




FaceBook is perhaps the most popular of all the social media options. It’s ideal for showing your social side, sharing images, connecting with friends, creating dialogue and debating hot topics. Can also be used to place ads to market certain aspects of your business. It can be likened to casual dating. Easy, fun, with an array of opportunities and chance meetings. Not typically the best place to cultivate serious client relationships; although results may vary. One thing to consider here as well, is that you just never know what a friend, associate, “rival” or family member will post or disclose in your forum. I’ve seen some pretty raunchy and misplaced “conversations,” along with images that were in poor taste, displayed on other’s pages. And it’s not unheard of for folks to sometimes engage in “FaceBook wars.” Be forewarned.




Designed for photo sharing, posting videos and social networking. Essentially, it allows users to share their images and creativity via multiple platforms, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Used quite often by the “Generation Y” to keep in touch with friends and share “Selfies”. I am of the opinion that it’s more recreational than professional in nature. And as such, would not support many business goals. Has your experience been different here?




LinkeDIn is a great forum for freelance networking and showcasing professional achievements. Allows users to look for creative gigs, display their credentials, and even allows for peers and clients to endorse your services and provide testimonials. Additionally, it enables others to view your business connections and who’s within your “circle.” And as they say: “You are judged by the company you keep.” Though I have not used it often, author and blogger Marcie Hill states that: “It is one of the best social networking tools” she has found for making money and achieving business objectives. It’s also great for joining supportive groups that share your particular interests or industry.




Think of it as an online “bulletin board”. It’s very visually-centric. Participants post or “pin” collections of their favorite things, which can range from: recipes, crafts, links to articles, and other goodies. It’s great for growing an audience and sharing creative ideas. Can be successfully used by hobbyists, as well as entrepreneurs. For a more detailed account on social media and how to approach it strategically, check out this informative post at the Businesses Grow site :

Final Thought

Additionally, to optimize your efforts, you should have a Social Media Marketing Plan in place that establishes how many hours you will devote to your goals on a weekly basis, which platforms you'll incorporate, and what you hope to achieve.

Here's to your success!

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