10 Secrets to Getting the "Red Carpet Treatment" in Relationships in 2021

Jennifer Brown Banks

" We teach people how to treat us by the things we accept."--Dr. Phil

Ladies, have you ever felt unheard and unseen in your relationships? Invalidated? Unappreciated?

Like an after-thought rather than a priority?

Well, you don't have to be.

Many women foolishly believe that chivalry is dead.

I beg to differ.

As Steve Harvey author and talk show host commented in an Oprah interview years ago,

”Chivalry is not dead. It's just not required.”

So often women give their “essence” to men who don't even merit their phone numbers! Why would you “reward” your treasures to someone who doesn't truly treasure you?


(But, that's a whole 'nother article). .:-)

If you're tired of getting second-class treatment, and would like to elevate yourself in the eyes of the opposite sex, here's how to start!



  1. Recognize that a man's behavior directly coincides with the expectations of the woman he woos. In other words, like many things in life, the less you expect the less you get! Get my drift?
  2. Stop “talkin' loud and sayin' nothin'. Learn to make your point with poise, then move on. Don't take big stands on small issues. Choose your battles wisely. If not, he'll begin to just tune you out.
  3. Cultivate the art of being good company. Act like a lady, but give him the comfort and camaraderie of “one of the boys”. Let your hair down and laugh a little. Watch a little sports now and then.
  4. Don't cuss like a sailor! It erodes the respect factor. Especially usage of the “B” word.
  5. Make him feel valued. Good treatment goes both ways. Pamper him and show him he's appreciated.
  6. Refrain from letting it "all hang out." It goes without saying that you should probably resist “cutting the cheese”, excessive belching, picking your teeth at the table, gossiping, and scratching in intimate places in his presence. There is such a thing as too much sharing. Really.
  7. Never speak harshly of his mom, the lack of money he makes, or his bedroom performance inadequacies. Words spoken in anger can never be taken back. Proceed with caution.
  8. Keep your appearance up. Yes, even in a pandemic. Blue collar or white, old or young, rich or poor, men are visual creatures by nature. When possible, wear what he digs and always accentuate the positive!
  9. Never berate him in front of others. Allow him to keep his dignity and he'll do the same for you. Now when you get him home, well... all is fair in love and war. :- )
  10. Don't let disrespect go unchecked! The first time it happens make him aware of it. The second time remind him. The next time? Make him history.

Final Thought

Last but not least, exude confidence. Men can detect poor self-image a mile away, and many capitalize upon it, as they perceive it as a weakness.

Follow these ten tips and you'll soon discover what a difference it'll make in your relationships.

Trust me when I tell you..

You'll love how you look in RED!

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