How to Be Her "Go-to" Guy (And why you should)

Jennifer Brown Banks

Every girl has a “go-to” guy.

Whether she openly acknowledges his role or not, he typically exists. This man is as essential to a woman’s everyday functioning as lipstick and a cell phone! He is particularly crucial for today’s overextended damsel in distress.

A “go-to” guy can be the “hottie” that we call up on a moment’s notice to attend an important social affair. Or he can be that special someone who provides a shoulder to cry on in times of turmoil. Some go-to guys are our mechanics; our advice gurus; or our Mr. Fix-it. While others may serve as emotional cheerleaders that help us reach greater heights. They serve a very vital role; trust me.


The nice thing about go-to guys is that there is an established bond, a shared history, and a foundation of trust. When handled right, these associations can produce the makings for a beautiful romantic relationship as well. And they often do.

Every successful romantic operation requires a plan. Are you seeking to be more than a rescue man? Would you like to elevate yourself in someone special's eyes?

Here’s how to be Her “Go To Guy” and Ultimately Win Her Heart!

1. Be a Man of Your Word.

Few guys recognize the value of this very simple measure. Being a man of your word helps a woman to develop trust and confidence in you.

2. Don’t have a Hidden Agenda.

Women can detect a man with less than honorable intentions, relatively easily. Don’t do things for her simply to create an emotional debt, or to justify entitlement on your part. Be genuine in your words and deeds. Chivalry is a definite turn on!

3. Don’t Expect to Win her Over in a few Weeks OR With a few Compliments.

Chances are, other guys are wooing her as well. Sometimes appreciation and depth of emotions takes a while.

Remember, "Love is patient."

4. Refrain From Trashing Her Current Love Interest.

If your intended is currently seeing someone else who doesn’t deserve her, voice your opinion, but don’t strive to “vilify” him. It will only make her angry and defensive, and possibly bring them closer.

5. Be Well-rounded.

One of the reasons that many women have several go to guys, is that none are diverse enough to fulfill multiple needs. Let her searching end with you. Be like a one-stop shop.

6. Help Her to Laugh, Let go, and See the Lighter Side of Life.

It will increase your value in her eyes.

7. Let Her Know That you Believe in Her by Supporting Her Dreams and Goals.

Be her biggest fan.

Equipped with these timely tips, you’re bound to be the guy she seeks to meet her most intimate “go to” needs!

And isn't that worth the effort?

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