10 Ways to Increase Your Appeal Factor in 2021

Jennifer Brown Banks

"Beauty is only skin deep."


Let's face it: we can't all look like Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston or Denzel Washington. Still, everybody wants to be loved, desired and looked upon favorably in the dating world.

Well, here's the good news: even if you're not considered the “whole enchilada,” you can still be a pretty appetizing dish! Hello?

Individual worth is not solely based upon aesthetic appeal. Think about it. How many times have you seen a beautiful celebrity diva coupled up with an average looking mate? Or witnessed a guy in your social circle who is able to routinely date chicks who seem to be out of his league? As a matter of reference here, many folks are still in awe of how Jay-Z snagged Beyonce!

There are indeed a lot of different dynamics to the science of attraction. Today, we will explore a few.

So whether you're looking to increase your dating odds favorably in 2021, get hitched, or simply become more “black-book” worthy, here are ten non-surgical, non-expensive ways to make it happen!


1) Recognize that personality counts.

In fact, much more so than most would consider. Here's a point of reference. Haven't you ever met a guy or gal whose huge ego was a turn-off? Or someone whose gorgeous looks were diminished because they had the conversational skills of a fifth grader? Or how about the folks who monopolize conversations with one-sided testimonies as to why they're so wonderful? BORING. Get my drift?

2) Be well-rounded.

Though it's impossible to appeal to everyone, chances are the more diverse you are, the more interesting you appear to others. For example, I pride myself in having a myriad of interests and talents, and things that are “conversation starters.” My musical tastes span from Beethoven to Billy Joel, I love to cook, I'm an avid reader, I've had an array of jobs over the years---yada, yada, yada.

3) Don't be a whiner or a wiener!

Most of us have been treated unfairly in love and life by someone over the years. That goes without saying. So don't you say it, over and over, particularly in the initial stages of dating. It's a turn-off. If your last girl was a “psycho”, or your last guy was a “jerk” it's best to share those intimate details with your best friend or between the pages of your personal diary. Are you with me here?

4) Have a good sense of humor.

Funny guys rock! Don't believe me? Look at the chicks that most comedians get hooked up with for proof. And during these difficult times everybody can appreciate a good laugh. Wouldn't you agree?

5) Accentuate the positive.

In other words, play to your strengths! Do you have a winning smile? Glowing hair? Great legs? Glamorous in red? MENSA intellect? Whatever it is, capitalize on it. Own your awesome!

6) Know how to cook.

Okay, maybe it's because I'm a big foodie, but I think that whether you're a man or a woman, culinary skills are essential. You don't have to be the next Martha Stewart, but many a “steamy date” has happened in the midst of a good home-cooked meal. I'm just sayin'.

7) Dress for success.

A “good presentation” is just as important in dating and mating as it is in business. Cleanliness and proper fit are a must.

8) Never underestimate the importance of CLASS.

Don't indulge in hurtful gossip; use excessive “colorful language”; be cheap; or act rudely to folks providing you service. And when possible, “take the high road.”

9) Be a good listener.

Not only does it rate well with others, you just might learn something!

10) Have a healthy sense of self esteem.

Confidence attracts, while an inflated ego detracts!

Final Thoughts

Follow these 10 timely tips and you'll be on the road to dating success in no time. Happy travels!

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