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Jennifer Brown Banks

Even though the publishing industry can be somewhat unpredictable and volatile, there’s a great degree of reliability in the type of topics consistently covered year after year in many popular magazines and blogs.

I speak from experience here.

In my vast career span, I’ve published over 900 articles, essays, and blog posts on an array of topics for various industries. But, I have had the greatest degree of success and profitability writing and placing evergreen topics.

And you will, too.


Trust me, no matter how many changes technology ushers in, which celebrities are currently trending, or which new gadgets or social media platforms come and go, some areas and interests will ALWAYS remain relevant, timely, and applicable to broad audiences and readerships.

They’re called Evergreen Topics. And they are the cornerstone of my writing business.

According to, “Evergreen content–like the name implies is timeless.” further adds: “Evergreen web content has (virtually) no expiration date and ideally will retain its value over the long-term. Anything written about this year’s presidential election, for example, is not evergreen content because it will become obsolete six months from now and many keywords associated with that topic will end up in the Google graveyard, never to be searched again.”

Before we explore more on the virtues of Evergreen Topics and what this encompasses, let’s examine why they are beneficial to writers of every level.

  • Evergreen topics eliminate some of the guess work and brain strain of trying to decide what to write about. This allows writers to have a more strategic approach to their projects.
  • Choosing evergreen topics can increase odds for publication because they provide useful content that most editors need and value on an ongoing basis.
  • Evergreen topics are easy to update and slant for future income opportunities and reprint markets.

Examples of evergreen topics include (but are not limited to):

Love and relationships

Dieting and health

Money matters


Then vs. now – evergreen topics stand the test of time

For the purpose of illustration and greater clarity, here’s a quick analysis and comparison of how Evergreen Topics have remained relevant throughout my career.


Then: (around year of 2000) Women Delaying Marriage


Now: Online dating savvy


Then: Weight management tips

Now: New Cannabis/Hemp-related products


Then: Safety tips for latchkey kids

Now: Teaching kids about Internet Safety

Now: Cyberbullying

Get the idea here?


The good news here is that, more than likely, you’ve already written on evergreen topics in the past. So, you won’t need to “reinvent the wheel” in your efforts, so to speak.


To maximize your creativity and your profits, take a look at some of the evergreen topics listed above. Then, go through your published portfolio or file folders of article drafts you perhaps have for similar topics on your computer with fresh eyes.

Assess. Can you update pieces by providing more recent stats or studies, or give an old topic new life through addressing something that’s going on in social media, current events, or your geographic area?

For example, I recently sold a relationship article I created many moons ago by simply revamping it, and showing how current “reality TV shows” shape dating dynamics, and sometimes promote unrealistic expectations for viewers.

Final Thoughts

Always remember that whatever type of content you create, in whatever form, should be a quality contribution to your targeted publication and a positive representation of your ability and creativity as a writer.

When it comes to marketing and making money, evergreen topics are sure to keep your business in the black!

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