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Must See TV For Chicagoans This Season!

Jennifer Brown Banks

Watching the "boob tube" is a fun recreational activity to help us stay in place and observe mandated restrictions arising from Covid-19.

Though gratefully, things seem to be looking up with the lowered positivity rate here (hovering around 3%) and some businesses are actually re-opening as of this writing.

Still, if we are selective and strategic about our viewing options in the interim, we can stay informed and inspired, as well as entertained. Increasing our joy potential during these challenging times.

Whether your goal is to improve your health this year, learn more about pop culture, find out about local resources or simply enjoy a little "eye candy" to elevate your mood, here are a few programs I recommend for those in the Chicago viewing area. Make sure to check your local listings for specifics, as some times programs can be cancelled or rescheduled.


type of program:

health and wellness program

the 4-1-1:

This Saturday morning program is a great way to start the day. Viewers will receive a wealth of information on health hacks, Corona Virus tips, proper nutrition, exercise and more.

Why I find it interesting/entertaining:

Living Healthy Chicago often features segments where doctors and health care practitioners answer common, health-related questions in an easy to understand, practical way. It's like having your doctor's office in your living room. And as Ralph Waldo Emerson states: "Health is the greatest wealth."


type of program:

Daily talk show with hosts Val Warner and Ryan Chiaverini on ABC 7

the 4-1-1:

Windy City Live features celebrity guest interviews, local comedians, and items of interest for Chicago audiences.

Why I find it interesting/entertaining:

W.C.L. is engaging, interesting and chock full of fun things to do and people to follow.

Visit their website here:


type of program:

Drama/cop series

the 4-1-1:

When C.P.D. first aired, I admit that I had no initial interest. For me, there were far too many cop shows on TV already, and I didn't think that viewers needed another one. Then a few fellow bloggers recommended that I check it out in a discussion forum conducted. I did. Now, I hardly ever miss an episode.

Why I find it interesting/entertaining:

Let's face it: the show's concept is definitely not an original one. Still, this show is definitely different. C.P.D. combines high energy, adrenaline rushing action scenes, with authentic story lines, great actors and gorgeous male cops that are truly "arresting." There are also periodic on-the-job romances that add a spark of interest.


type of program:

local/national news coverage

the 4-1-1:

Although WGN 9 (local news outlet in Illinois), covers many of the same political stories, world events, and garden-variety criminal activities as other news channels, their style (and approach) is relatively unique. In fact, it's probably the only news station that is truly innovative. That's funny and informative-- as well as serious It's the one that I prefer over all the others.

Why I find it interesting/entertaining:

WGN news provides a good balance of useful information, positive people, resources for residents and city happenings. It's delivered in such a way that viewers can expect to be "entertained" as well as enlightened. And I welcome that. With all the sadness and madness around the world today, we need to be reminded of the good; to see through a broader lens; to have a periodic break from all the bad stuff and dismal stats. Wouldn't you agree?

Final Thoughts

These varied Chicago programs provide a great deal of insight, information and entertainment value. They highlight the good, complicated, rich, diverse elements of our city's culture. From the city's offerings, to our challenges, to the interesting people and vibrant communities, to our collective resilience.

Tune in and take note.

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